Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's Do A Halloween Meme!

by Susan McBride 

Yes, I'm behind on my book deadline as so much stuff keeps popping up and stealing time (I know, I know, I need to play ostrich but it's so darned tricky!).  Try as I might, I can't come up with anything to blog about besides "1001 Ways to Procrastinate" or "Things That Distract Me," which both hit way too close to home.  Then I thought, "A-ha! Halloween is in 10 days!  How about I devise a meme that everyone can answer?"  So that's exactly what I did!

I've inserted my answers below, but I'm dying to hear yours!  Please, share, even if you only want to respond to a few.  All rightee, ghouls and goblins, let the games begin!

(1)  What's your favorite Halloween costume ever?

Alice in Wonderland.  Although it wasn't until my writing career that I actually fell down the rabbit hole.

(2)  What's your favorite Halloween candy (or other treat)?

Snickers.  That's all I ever wanted in my bag.

(3)  Name the scariest book you've ever read?

Salem's Lot.  It made me jumpy and afraid to go anywhere alone in the dark for weeks after I finished it.

(4)  Who's the best movie vampire ever:
(a)  Bela Lugosi
(b)  George Hamilton
(c)  Tom Cruise
(d)  Robert Pattinson

Boris Karloff.  I love him.

(5)  Who'd win in a fist fight?  Sookie or Bella?

Bella is a wimp!  It's Sookie all the way, baby!

(6)  Are you superstitious?  How?

Yes.  I knock on wood all the time and have to wear a specific pair of earrings whenever I get on a plane.  I don't avoid cracks but I do hold my breath driving past graveyards (unless they're really long).

(7)  Frankenberry, Count Chocula, or Boo Berry?

Count Chocula.  No contest.

(8)  Will you dress up this year?  If so, as what?

I'm most definitely dressing up in my fleece jammie pants, socks, ratty T-shirt, and bedhead.  Oh, yeah, it's my "writer" costume!

Boo!  Now it's YOUR turn!


  1. Favorite Halloween candy is Snickers too!
    As for a fist fight between Bella and Sookie, I also agree. Sookie, hands down!

  2. Favorite Halloween costume? The year I was a can-can girl. It was such a great costume that it goes down in the costume hall of fame.

    And I LOVE $100,000 bars. They are the best. Great post, Susan! Maggie

  3. Maria, I used to eat all the little Snickers first! ;-) Maggie, $100,000 bars are pretty darned good, too. As for your can-can girl costume, I think we'll need pictures! :-)

  4. Pam Hopkins sent me her answers, which are too good not to share! So I'm taking the liberty of posting them here (hope that's okay, Pam! If it's not, holler!).

    (1) What's your favorite Halloween costume ever?

    My Dale Evans cowgirl costume, including the gun and holster, neckerchief, and hat.

    (2) What's your favorite Halloween candy (or other treat)?

    Necco Wafers

    (3) Name the scariest book you've ever read?

    Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline (or maybe Alex Kava's A Perfect Evil)

    (4) Who's the best movie vampire ever:
    (a) Boris Karloff
    (b) George Hamilton
    (c) Tom Cruise
    (d) Robert Pattinson

    George Hamilton - loved him in Love at First Bite but for scary . . . has to be Boris

    5) Who'd win in a fist fight? Sookie or Bella?

    I, too, choose Soookie

    (6) Are you superstitious? How?

    I'm not very supertitious . . . I, too, knock on wood; and I also don't walk under ladders; but black cats don't bother me!

    (7) Frankberry, Count Chocula, or Boo Berry?

    Yep, Count Chocula

    (8) Will you dress up this year? If so, as what?

    No, I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a witch (when my children were small). I'm scary enough just being myself.

  5. 1) Raggedy Ann, my mother was a master seamtress, I kicked ass every year! 2)Baby Ruth! Was mega relieved to find out they were gluten-free! But it saddens me to think i'll never eat another kit-kat 3)Oh, plenty of S. King novels 4)Team Edward, no doubt 5)Snookie, but I think that big Kardashian girl could kick anybody's butt 6)Creepily's bothersome. 7)None of the above. Give Captin Cruch some fangs and pour the milk 8)Nah, truly do not care for Halloween, was most glad when the kids outgrew it! But I will watch Hocu Pocus,super fun film!!

  6. Laura, I think that big Kardashian girl COULD kick anyone's butt! She could sit on Snooki and squash her. But, wait, that's another meme entirely! ;-)

  7. 1. A princess, complete with tin foil crown-I was 14 and taking my brother and his buddies around. It was NYC. 2. Milky Ways-which are forbidden now. 3. The "Heart" series by Chelsea Cain. I skip her now. 4. Boris Karloff-the others were too pretty. 5 Definitely Sookie. 6. I have to have earrings on-weird, huh? 7. Count Chocula 8. I love Halloween-the kids are so-o-o high, (even pre candy), the costumes are really cute, especially if they are home made, and we hand out candy as a group where I live, and everyone gets to laugh a lot. Great meme.

  8. Best vampire.... dont' you mean Bela Lugosi, who's pictured?

    Chocoloate always wins, hands down.
    Chris Verstraete

    ** See 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature on my blog.

  9. Chris, I do! Yipes. I am definitely experiencing deadline brain drain. Thanks for correcting me! (I'm going to fix it right now!)

    Lil, you realize we're officially adopting you as a Stiletto Ganger, don't you? Love your answers!