Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Year Sneaking Up On Me

by Susan McBride

Yes, it's my birthday month, and I'm turning 47 this year (a little over a week from today as a matter of fact!).  It's amazing how quickly birthdays sneak up.  Kind of like blog due dates.  I think I've just finished with one and then another races around to bite me in the butt.

I remember loving birthday parties as a kid.  My mom used to go all out.  We'd think up a theme, send out invitations to my classmates and neighborhood friends.  Sometimes we'd have the party at home, playing games inside and out; other times, we'd head to a kid-friendly petting zoo or area park. I just remember being so excited for the day to arrive and very sorry (and tired) when it was over.

These days, I have to catch my birthday circled on the calendar to remind myself it's approaching.  I worked through my birthday last year (yes, sadly, I told both sides of the family I couldn't take the time off to do dinner or anything else because every writing hour was precious).  I'm on an equally insane deadline this year, but I've decided I will most certainly take off my birthday.  It falls on a Sunday, and Ed's itching to get back to Pumpkin Land (since we haven't been in a couple years).  He wants to do the corn maze (must remember to wear old "creek" shoes) and buy our pumpkins there (a lot more fun than picking them up at the grocery store).

Honestly, birthdays are still fun, but I don't worry so much about celebrating them.  The older I get--and the more crap I go through--the more I think that every day is a celebration.  Yeah, I'm sure I've said that before (again and again), but it's true.  If I see something I want to buy Ed--or a friend--I go ahead and get it.  I don't care if a holiday is anywhere near.  If I want to treat myself to a pedicure or a cupcake, I'll do it.  Life is one big birthday and the party should last as long as we're around to take part in it.

So not this Sunday but the next, I'll be tearing my fingers away from my keyboard and laughing my head off as Ed and I try to negotiate ourselves out of a crazy corn maze (I've seen corn stalks trampled when people get fed up and need a quick way out--but no short-cuts for us!).  I can't wait to pick out pumpkins from a real farm and take them home to set on the stoop (I don't carve them anymore--I just leave them out for the squirrels, who like to munch on them when they get hungry).

Whatever you do on my birthday, have fun!!!  And make like it's your birthday, too.  :-)


  1. Susan, happy early birthday! I totally agree with you that life is one long party that is to be enjoyed. Every birthday I have now, I celebrate with gusto (still sore from the birthday dance I did back in August but that's a blog for another time) and enjoy every passing year. I hope you have a wonderful day; glad you're taking it off to pumpkin picking. Maggiexo

  2. Enjoy the Maze & pumpkin picking!! My sister is also an October baby!!

  3. Tell her happy birthday from me, GirlyGirl! I'm looking forward to the pumpkins and the maze. :-)

    Thanks, Maggie! It'll be nice to get away from the computer for a day and just goof off. (Hey, I'm still waiting for the video of the birthday dance in August to go viral! ;->)

  4. Happy birthday! Yes, take time to celebrate. It's important not to let work take over everything.

  5. Have a wonderful birthday week. One thing about work of any kind, it always waits for you. Happy Birthday, Susan.

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I remember when I was sixteen my boss said she takes every birthday off and I should, too.

    I try to do so every year and have been pretty lucky in succeeding at this task. (That's my present to myself each year!) So good for you for taking the break! The work will still be there Monday and you'll still get it done. (Maybe even faster than without the break.)

  7. Storyteller Mary, happy birthday to you, too! I hope you have a lovely celebration, whether it's quiet or noisy (I'm envisioning frogs serenading you for some strange reason--hee hee). ;-)

    Marilyn, thanks! I am so looking forward to taking the day off to play. And I will definitely enjoy the days leading up to my b-day a week from Sunday (even if I have to work through all of those!). :-)

    Jennifer, what a smart boss you had! I think giving yourself the day off is a great gift (one I'm finally learning to give myself, no matter what!). Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  8. Happy birthday, and happy pumpkin seeking. What a lovely time of year, and I'll bet you get back to writing refreshed. The corn maze sound like wicked fun. Enjoy!

  9. Happy birthday! I think the corn maze sounds fabulous a safe, but happy adventure. Take lots of pictures:)

  10. Thanks, Joelle! I'll be goofing off a week from Sunday and laughing all the way through the corn maze!

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