Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Joys of Getting Out!

By Lynn McPherson

On Saturday, I had a book launch for my third book, The Girls Dressed For Murder. Accomplished and hilarious author, Melodie Campbell, shared the stage with me. We did short readings and answered questions by talented artist and reviewer, Don Graves. It was at our local independent bookstore and had an excellent turnout—made up of local authors, supporters, and readers. It was a wonderful afternoon and reminded me of the fun that can be had by doing something different.

It is often hard to tear myself away from the laptop. Other than my regular procrastination hobbies, such as tidying and organizing my writing area (nothing too in depth, of course!), I have been known to be somewhat of a homebody. Today I want to talk about fun stuff to do outside of the comforts of home--things to get us moving past the front door. I'm going to share my top picks. Hopefully, this will serve as a good reminder to you, as it has for me, that there's a lot going on out there--and some of it is truly worthwhile. Maybe you'll have a few ideas to add. I'm always looking for suggestions!

First of all, there’s nature. The natural beauty of the outdoors is unparalleled. Venture into it and look around--take in the red, orange, and yellow hues mixed in with the never-changing coniferous trees that fall has to offer. It is a great reminder that the magic Mother Nature provides us deserves our attention--even a jaunt in an urban park will give people a glimpse of the colours and crispness of the season.

There is also the importance of socializing. Friend time is not just for the young. It is important to take time out of our busy lives to connect with our favourite people and have a laugh. It has been proven to lower stress and cause spontaneous moments of joy!

The last reason is for all the writers out there—inspiration! How can someone write about life when they are shut away? Lone dogs may make for a mysterious character, but if a writer isn’t out and about, how can they accurately portray the way people interact and behave on a daily basis? Connection is key.

So there you have it, folks. A gentle reminder to dust off the old walking shoes (or stilettos!) and get out of the house—you’ll be glad you did.

Lynn McPherson has worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, ran a small business, and taught English across the globe. She has travelled the world solo where her daring spirit has led her to jump out of airplanes, dive with sharks, and learn she would never master a surfboard. She now channels her lifelong love of adventure and history into her writing, where she is free to go anywhere, anytime. Her cozy series has three books out: The Girls' Weekend Murder and The Girls Whispered Murder, and The Girls Dressed For Murder.  


  1. You make a very good point, Lynn. If writers only write and don't engage with the world, how can they create believable and empathetic characters? We need to engage. Just as we did on Saturday - smile. And wasn't it fun!

    1. It was such a blast--you're my favourite partner-in-crime!

  2. Great piece, well written, inspirational and wise. A. Stella.

  3. Thanks A. Stella. What a great compliment!