Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Clicking Our Heels - Conferences We'll Be Attending

Clicking Our Heels – Conferences We’ll Be Attending 

The Stiletto Gang is on the move! Here are some of the conferences we plan to attend.

Mary Lee Ashford (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey) - I attended Left Coast Crime in Vancouver and Malice Domestic in Bethesda this spring. And I'm planning to attend Novelists, Inc. in Florida and Bouchercon in Dallas this fall.

A.B. Plum - Going to Denmark for the summer this year.

Debra H. Goldstein – I was at Killer Nashville in August and I plan to be at Bouchercon, Sleuthfest, and Malice Domestic. Sadly, I have a conflict and won’t be able to make it to Left Coast Crime in San Diego, but I will be at the Southern Book Festival in October.

Lynn McPherson - I'm going to Thrillerfest in New York in July. I'm am extremely excited and can't wait!

Bethany Maines - Yes, but I don't think the National Public Works conference is quite what you had in mind.

Kay Kendall - In March I attended Left Coast Crime in Vancouver, Canada, and come October I will
be at Bouchercon50 in Dallas, Texas.

Shari Randall - I'll see everyone at Bouchercon in Dallas! I'm packing my red boots!

Dru Ann Love - Yes, I’ll be at Malice, Bouchercon and New England Crime Bake.

T.K. Thorne - I went to Left Coast Crime this year for the first time and had a ball. Possibly Bouchercon this year, but not sure.

Judy Penz Sheluk - Signed up for Left Coast Crime San Diego.

Linda Rodriguez, Julie Mulhern, J.M. Phillipe, and Cathy Perkins are on conference hiatus in 2019.

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