Monday, October 28, 2019

Talking about polls by Dru Ann Love

It's that time again when I have to come up with a post. I struggle to find something readerly to talk about that hasn't been done. I talked about the reader conventions I attended. I talked about the book signings I've gone too. I talked about subject matters that interested me.

So I ask, what do you want this avid reader/blogger on a writer's blog to talk about?

Recently, I introduced weekly reading poll on my dru's book musings Facebook page. Below are some of the results.

Do you like to have a snack or a drink while reading?
  • Yes (68%)
  • Sometimes (24%)
  • No (8%)
What should the central focus of a story be?
  • Character (49%)
  • Character/Setting/Plot (44%)
  • Plot (27%)
If you were a writer, what genre would you write?
  • mystery (44%)
  • cozy (25%)
  • suspense, thriller (13%)
  • paranormal (9%)
  • romance (9%)
  • historical (6%)
  • romantic suspense (4%)
Have you ever cried or shed a tear or two while reading a book?
  • Yes (98%)
  • No (2%)
Romance in your mysteries?
  • Yes (83%)
  • No (17%)
Type of book you bring when traveling?
  • E-book (74%)
  • Print (49%)
  • Audio (9%)
Do you review the books that you read?
  • Yes (46%)
  • Sometimes (46%)
  • No (8%)

Are there any questions you would like to know from my readers?

Are you surprised at these results?

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