Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Daily Fix

by Maria Geraci

A few years ago I began doing something I thought I'd never do--the morning crossword puzzle.
Because, you know, only old people with no lives do the crossword puzzle (like my mother-in-law).

I began doing the morning crossword because I was going through a particularly wobbly time in my life, and doing the puzzle helped calm me and started my mornings off with a positive note. At first, I could barely finish half the puzzle. Then after a short while I could finish most of the puzzle. And then it was a rare day when I couldn't get 100 percent of it finished. I figured if I could finish the puzzle, then I could do anything.

Then my husband got in on the act. He started "helping" me with the puzzle, and before I knew it, the two of us were fighting to get to the curb so we could be the first one to snatch up the morning paper. I'll never forget the first time Mike Geraci woke me up with an evil grin on his face and said, "Hey, hon, I made the coffee. Oh, and I already did the puzzle." He's lucky he's still alive.

It was now time to face facts. I was addicted. I was one of those "old people with no lives." But hey, I am not old and I do so have a life! (My mother-in-law suddenly began to seem like a really interesting person too).

Like all addicts, however, I started to need more. The crossword just wasn't enough. This is when I discovered Words With Friends. Yep. You know how to play it. It's digital Scrabble! And the best part is that you can play numerous people at the same time and your game can last for days. I'm in word heaven!

So what about you? Any addictions you'll own up to?


  1. Hey, crossword puzzles and other word games are great for your brain! My mom and mom-in-law are crossword puzzle fiends. I seem to only do them on planes (and Ed and I usually do 'em together). I think reading and writing are my word games! Oh, and coming up with quick puns in conversations with Ed. Sometimes I laugh so hard, I make myself cry! And Ed just says, "What did I get myself into?" ;-)

  2. A drink I thought I kind of invented, but I was wrong: half beer, half tomato juice--I call it a "Beery Mary". Apparently many people like and have recipes for this concoction and a cousin who spent time living in Spain and traveling in Mexico told me this is a Spanish/Mexican treat from way back. In France they have one that is beer and splash of grenadine, which I would sometimes enjoy, but that one was never an addiction.

    I like to add big spoons of prepared horseradish and a squeeze of lemon to mine and I could slam these down every day, several times a day, without a quiver.

  3. I have to begin the day with chai latte. Our daughters gave us one of those fancy coffee machines that you use those little cups with, didn't take long for me to know that is my drink. And then comes my e-mail.

  4. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.