Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passover and Easter

This is the garden at the bookstore where I did a signing this weekend--thought it looked appropriate for Spring.

Not being Jewish, I don't celebrate Passover, though I certainly know the Passover story. As a Christian, and a Sunday School teacher, I've read the Bible and heard about and taught what happened the night the Jewish people put the blood of the lamb on their doors, and the angel of death passed over and none of the Jewish children died when the first born of the Egyptians did.

I'll be celebrating Easter on April 4th. Our little church always has a Sunrise service at 6:30 a.m. Suprisingly, we always have a crowd despite the cold and the early hour. We see people who never come to church, but want to participate in an Easter sunrise service. We sit outside and our praise team leads us in Easter songs and our pastor gives a short sermon. Afterward, we enjoy a breakfast provided by different members of our church. At the usual times, Sunday School and our regular worship service begins.

Again, because it's Easter, we'll have folks turn up to the regular service who haven't been to church since Christmas and even a few new people who are just looking for a church to attend on Easter.

In earlier days, women wore new dresses and often a fancy new hat. Now it's different, people come as they are. Little girls might have a new outfit, but not even many of them do. That's something that seems to have gone out of favor--or maybe it's because our church has so many poor people who belong.

I'll probably have to figure out something to fix for Easter dinner--something easy, because I won't be up to cooking anything big since I'll be up so early to go to the Sunrise Service. (Since I first wrote this I ordered a honey-baked ham and plan to make potato salad and macaroni salad. Invited family members to bring something to share.

Tell me about what you do for Passover or Easter, if you celebrate one of the other. Or any rituals that signify Spring for you.



  1. Spring rituals...cleaning? eating chocolate bunnies guilt free? I think the best part of Spring is being able to take walks without bundling up like the Michelin tire man and seeing the trees start to bud and the tulips and daffodils and crocuses rising. The air smells fresher and it feels like something that has been asleep is starting to wake up. I love spring!

  2. We will go to sunrise service at 6 am and afterwards we go for breakfast at one of the member's home. I will have ham for dinner and our daughter will join us for that. I would love to stay home and just relax rest of the day but I have to work from 3 to 11 that day as the store is open no matter what. You and your family have a wonderful Easter and Happy Spring as well. Right now we are getting 45 mph winds and feels like winter instead of spring. ha ha susan L.

  3. Isn't it interesting that we Christians often seem to have ham on Easter. I have had lamb a few times, but not many in my family like it.

    One day, it would be nice if other family members decided to host the Easter dinner.

    I've already told everyone I'm going to the youngest daughter's home for Thanksgiving so will not be here to cook.

    Thanks for you comments, Zita and Susan L. I don't ever really do spring cleaning. I just tackle things when they get bad. Susan, I'm sorry you have to work.