Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Pay Any Attention to the Movie Critics

I don't know about you, but whenever a new movie comes out I always read what the critics have to say.

In the big city newspaper I take (Fresno Bee) the movie critic seems to hate most of the movies I like and loves the ones I didn't like at all. Obviously, we have very different taste.

We did agree on Shutter Island which hubby and I went to see on Saturday. The critic gave it a B+. I don't grade movies that way, my take was they did a terrific job making a movie that actually resembled the book. I read the book when it first came out and really wondered how it would work on screen.

My husband hadn't read the book and I didn't spoil the movie by telling him any of the twists and turns or the surprise ending. There was one BIG clue all through the movie that I did point out to him, anyone who would like to know what it was can email me privately.

By the way, he stayed awake through the whole movie and enjoyed it. Part of the reason may have been because we both met Dennis Lehane (the author of the book) at a Mayhem in the Midlands. He was friendly and fun to listen to. His name was more prominent in the credits on screen than any book author I've seen before.

Warning, the movie is dark and there is language in it I could've done without.

One of the movies the critic loved was Up in the Air. I didn't like it at all despite George Clooney being the star. To me, the whole concept and the side plots were down right depressing.

If a movie is heartwarming, the movie critic I read will never give it a good grade and will likely call it sappy or some other unflattering name. Frankly, I like a good heartwarming movie now and then.

I have to admit though, I just love movies. I like thrillers, romances, historicals, a horror if it's not gory. I'm not thrilled with movies too heavy with messages, usually we can get the idea without hitting us over the head.

How much faith do you put in movie critics?



  1. It seems to me like you're on the right track in that you just have to find one you know you consistently agree with or consistently disagree with and then make your plans accordingly!

    I always think about the quote attributed to Jack Lemmon: A critic is someone who if they didn't have that job would be a sniper in a school yard.

  2. Hi Marilyn! I usually don't pay much attention to movie critics. I've found that my favorite movies usually don't make the critics top ten. I've just read the novel Shutter Island. Loved everything but the ending. I like Lehane's books very much but always wish for a little happier ending. Haven't seen the movie - might wait for the DVD.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  3. I mostly ignore critics and listen to what my friends say instead. I'll also look on CinemaClock and go by the starred rating, as I've found it to be way more accurate than any critic.

  4. I'm with Zita. I listen to what my friends say, and it also depends on how much I really want to see the movie. If I'm dying to go, I'll likely see it no matter what. I still haven't been to "Shutter Island" yet...maybe this weekend!

  5. Sounds like we're all on the same page or close by.


  6. Anjali Kapoor-DavisMarch 2, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    Hi Marilyn, I didn't realize you were in the Fresno area. I've read some of the reviews in the paper and I feel the same as you. Perhaps I'll catch up with you sometime in Fresno.

  7. I'm the only member of the Stiletto Gang in the West, but we're scattered all over.

    Actually, I live in the foothill town of Springville but I belong to the San Joaquin (Fresno) chapter of Sisters in Crime.


  8. Yes, I listen to my friends over critics. I don't buy into critics because I like what I like, regardless of what a critic says.