Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kill 'Em

We kill people for a living--or at least an approximation of a living, in my case, since my books pretty much pay for my own book addiction and not much else!. But I digress.

We kill people or a living, but do you ever find yourself holding back and not killing off someone who really and truly should be done in, and quickly? A writer friend of mine (Tonya) made the hard decision to kill off a beloved aunt in her WIP. "I had to do it," she said in her Kentucky country girl twang. "She had to die." Sometimes it's tough, but, like Tonya said, sometimes you just have to pull the plug. I have occasionally found myself in that precise situation, and when I do, I now have something to turn to (besides chocolate) to put my job back into perspective. Behold, the YouTube Video Kill 'Em, by Parnell Hall. I believe it speaks for itself.

Tell us your favorite bit from Parnell Hall's Kill 'Em. We're dying to know. Mwahahahaha....



  1. Whoa, I'm glad I didn't see all those point-blank shots to the head before lunch! :-P Parnell's great at those funny songs. Thanks for posting, Ms. Misa!


  2. I've never seen this video before. Very funny!

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David


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