Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angel Encounters

Last week I wrote about Angels and was asked to tell about an Angel encounter.

Here's my favorite.

A young mother I knew was coming home after attending a retreat, and was driving over a mountain pass. As I recall her telling of the event, the weather was bad and her car veered off the road, landing in a ditch. She was thrown out of the car and landed with her head back at an angle which made it almost impossible for her to breath.

A man came along and held her head up and gave her encouraging words. When the paramedics arrived a long time later, she asked to thank the man who'd been holding her head so she could breathe.

The paramedic told her, "Ma'am, no one was on the scene when we arrived."

She was told it was a miracle she hadn't choked to death on her blood.

That was an angel who kept that from happening.

Another encounter happened to my daughter and son-in-law years ago when they were very young and before cell phones. They were on a seldom traveled, narrow mountain logging road. They were with another couple and for some reason that I no longer remember, the women were in one car and the men in the other. The men were driving too fast, and the car they were in went off the side of the road. Horrified, the women stopped. The men's vehicle was about halfway down a ravine.

The women didn't know what to do. They were too far to walk anywhere to find help. All of a sudden two men in a truck came by. They went down to see if the husbands were okay--they were hurt but not seriously. The strangers had what was needed to pull the car back up on the road, checked to see if it ran--it did.

Before anyone could ask who the men were, they jumped back in the truck and drove off. They were angels. Skeptics might have other answers, I prefer to believe that angels are here watching out for us.

I bet other people have stories they could share.



  1. I'm a believer of angels. Rather than tell the story here, I'll post this link.


    Beautiful, post, Marilyn.

  2. Of course when I read it this a.m. I had a big error in the post, which I fixed. Don't know why I don't see them after I write them and check.

    Thank you, Paula, for overlooking the wrong word usage.


  3. I'm convinced I had an angel experience a few years ago.

    My oldest was 4, my daughter was 2 and I had had our third child by c-section earlier in the month. My oldest fell from a swing and broke his arm. There was no question about the injury - there was a very pronounced bend where the break occured, and my son was freaking out. (And inside, so was I!) I packed up all three kids and, to the extent that I could hurry in my post-delivery condition, I raced to the car. I called my husband, and he told me which hospital he would meet me at. I practically peeled out of the driveway, semi-hysterical as I listed to my son's cries.

    Within a couple of minutes I came to a disturbing realization: I was not familiar with the city we had moved to, and I had no clue where the hospital I was supposed to be going to was. And I had no cell phone. I was stopped at a light, about to completely break down,but not wanting to cause further trauma to my kids.

    And then there was a knock at my window. It was a grandmotherly-looking woman in a demure dress, motioning me to please roll down my window. I did. She explained that she had mistakenly thought that corner was a bus stop, and she was trying to get to her mother's nursing home across the street from the hospital. The same hospital I was clueless about how to find. She asked if I could give her a ride.

    Now I know never to pick up a hitchiker. And under basically any other circumstances, I wouldn't have. But I knew the lady had been sent to me for a reason. I calmed down, let her in, and dropped her off across the street from the hospital.

    No one will ever be able to convince me that she wasn't sent from heaven!


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