Thursday, December 31, 2009


In a world obsessed with Social Networking, I thought I’d make my post Twitter friendly today (since everyone’s busy, busy, busy with New Year's Eve festivities!). Here’s my life in 2009 in a nutshell, twitter-style.

*"Sadly, future as an Olympic Walker is not to be. Knee surgery and NO MORE WALKING FOR EXERCISE sealed the deal. What am I going to do?!"

*”Book 2 in the Lola Cruz Mystery Series comes on Feb 2, 2010! Other books being shopped now. Articles coming out. More info on developing writing career @ Working on Bare Naked Lola now. Fun!”

*Favorite books of the year: “The Help; The Sugar Queen; Outliers. Too many to choose just one!”

*Favorite movie of the year: “I think it will be Nine or Sherlock Holmes. Also loved Gran Torino. Great Hero’s Journey. I admit, I really liked Avatar, too, though I’m not a Sci-Fi girl. Want to see Nine.”

*”Am teaching again with SMU’s Continuing Ed Writing Program. Don’t like the commute to Dallas, but love teaching.”

*”I’ve learned to stand up for what I believe. It’s not always easy, but it’s a good thing. I'm too old (43) and opinionated to turn a blind eye.”

*"Favorite mystery: The Thirteenth Tale. I think it came out the year before, but I'm always slow on the uptake with trends and what's H.O.T."

*"Hopes for 2010...BOOK DEAL for Quiz Girl, Sister Charms, and continuing the Lola Cruz Mystery Series."

*"For family and and happiness. Can't ask for more than that!"

How about you? Anything stick out about your year, twitter-style? Favorite mystery book? Favorite book? Things you're looking to change for 2010?

Happy New Year!



  1. You are so clever! I never think of things like this to do. I have a feeling it's because I'm an old lady among a bevy of youngsters. Oh well, I'm just glad to be here with you all.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Misa: This is great! Thanks for sharing your reflections on '09. For '10, my Tweet would be: "Lost all muscle tone while writing...looking for it with a vengeance." Happy new year!!! Maggie

  3. I'm no Tweeter, but here's what I'd say, short and sweet: "Busy 2009 passed in a blur. I plan to savor every Happy Cougar moment of my New Year in 2010. Meow!"


  4. Fun tweets, Susan and Maggie!

    I'm glad to be here, too! Enjoy your cougar success Susan! Maggie, hope you find that muscle tone. I need to find mine, too!

    Marilyn, it's never to late to start tweeting!