Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming, Tra La Tra La

Thought I'd show off one of great grand-daughters in her Christmas finery. Her daddy brought her to church yesterday and I thought she looked really cute. She's six going on sixteen. She has beautiful curly hair and informed me that she'd straightened it.

That reminded me of when my girls were young they wanted their hair to be straight (no one really had curly hair but they wanted straight hair like the Skipper doll) and so they took turns ironing each other's hair, putting waxed paper over it and ironing it with a regular iron. Things are much easier nowadays to make oneself beautiful.

Frankly I think Kay'Lee's hair looks great curly, but I'm only her great-grandmother, my opinion doesn't count. We took her and her dad out to lunch after church and she seemed to know everyone in the restaurant, her school bus driver who came in to get a to-go order, a fireman who was standing outside with other firemen when we went in, and others who came in. (That's sort of the way her dad is too.)

You may have guessed, I just wanted to write something a bit lighter than what we've been reading and hearing lately. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time and for those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you've finished decorating, bought most of your gifts and have your Christmas cards ready to go.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


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