Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Clicking Our Heels - Favorite Form of Exercise

Clicking Our Heels – Favorite Form of Exercise

In the past, we’ve discussed what the Stiletto Gang members would be doing if we weren’t reading or writing, but the question came up as to what our favorite form of exercise is.


Debra H. Goldstein:  I’m a couch potato. During the pandemic, I thought I should do something so I ordered a Cubii exerciser. After a week, I shrouded it. Periodically, I look at it from the couch.


Lynn C. Willis: Hiking with Finn.


Barbara J. Eikmeier: Favorite doesn’t necessarily imply I do it with any regularity, right. I love swimming laps, but mostly I ride my stationary bike.


Donnell Bell:  Walking.


Gay Yellen: Dancing with my husband. He took me dancing on our first (blind) date, and that almost sealed the deal right there!


Lynn McPherson: I love walking.


Bethany Maines: Karate! I’ve been taking and teaching karate for over a decade. It’s a great place to keep fit and connect with my community.


Mary Lee Ashford: My favorite exercise is walking, outside if the weather permits. I also enjoy yoga though my knees are not enjoying it lately, and I love dance though I don’t often get the opportunity except around the house. In which case, I hope no one is watching!


Shari Randall: I love Zumba and country line dancing. They’re so much fun they don’t feel like exercise to me at all.


Linda Rodriguez: Dance (or gardening) used to be mine. But lately, it’s physical therapy.


Anita Carter: I love kickboxing!


T.K. Thorne: Before Covid, I did Akayama Ryu martial arts twice a week. This year I learned a Tai Chi series and that has really kept me sane. I like to walk outside where there are trees and space to breathe.


Debra Sennefelder: I love exercise. It keeps me in shape and it keeps me sane. I love weight workouts, walking/treadmill workouts, Pilates and Yoga. I aim for five to six workouts a week, so I like a lot of variety.


Kathryn Lane: Walking in a beautiful setting, especially in the mountains, brings me great joy and peace of mind.


Dru Ann Love: Definitely a couch potato. Give me a sci-fi movie and I’m in heaven.


Kathleen Kaska: I love running. I just completed my twenty-fourth marathon.


Saralyn Richard: Long walks (working out plot points while walking).


Robin Hillyer-Miles: Yoga.


Lois Winston: Walking.


  1. I'm amazed at the variety of exercise! I never knew we had people who practiced kick boxing or martial arts in our group. Now I do.

  2. Those are the overachievers! Well done. I love walking. We have tremendous trails around my house. Back to kickboxing or martial arts, I have been known to kick some rocks or attack some wayward trash! Thanks, Debra!

    1. Funny, Donnell. Maybe I should try your form of martial arts!

  3. Walking and yoga are my next favorites. I'd love to do any and all with any of you.


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