Friday, May 20, 2016

Surviving Fitness Stuff


This month, Bethany challenged all of the members of the Stiletto Gang to think about and possibly write a post revealing our thoughts on “Author Fitness.” She specifically asked: “What do you do to keep yourself in shape for writing?  Anything physical (running, meditation, secret wrist stretches) or mental (journaling, daily free writes, writing by hand) that you do weekly or daily to keep you on your writing game.”

Because Linda has been ill with a nasty bug this past week, I’m posting for her.  I think it is a safe bet to say none of the above would be Linda’s response this week. Consequently, before I write my response, join me in wishing Linda a speedy recovery by leaving a comment.

My answer also is nothing.  It’s not that I haven’t tried.  I tried water aerobics with a trainer a few years ago.  When she said, “Raise your right arm,” I complied. Although I felt a sharp pain, I attributed it to being out of shape not to having just torn my rotator cuff. I pressed on with exercising for several weeks before an examination revealed a tear necessitating surgery.  Perhaps the morphine helped my creative thinking at that point in time.

Earlier this year, I signed up for a F.I.T. class.  Let me give you the entire perspective of this class.  It
was taken at a new gym that my husband and I recently had joined.  Previously, we were members at two different gyms, so we thought it would be nice to consolidate and actually go to the same place when we exercised.  Two of our friends accompanied us to the try-out afternoon.  As she and I were ambling on two of the many treadmills, my friend leaned over and whispered, “I don’t see our kind of people here.” She was right.  Everyone in our line of sight was buff, handsome, beautiful, and able to wear spandex without it clinging to their bodies.  Still, my husband and I joined and I even coughed up extra for the F.I.T. class.  When I arrived at my first session, I looked around at the other women and realized “I had found my people.” Even with their comfort and support, I washed out after a few months when I got dizzy jumping from pushups on the floor to jumping jacks and then dropping for ten more. 

Next, I tried a personal trainer.  He was kind, he was smart, and he quickly realized I wasn’t going to be one of those people who strives for a marathon or high intensity exercise level. I was assuring him my goal was merely to be healthy by losing some weight when I did a sit-up and something in my back popped.  Between epidurals, physical therapy, and plain old doctor visits, I didn’t have time (or permission) to exercise. 

Now, I’m back in the pool, but with my signing schedule for Should Have Played Poker being so crazy, who knows what calamity exercise might induce?  I’m not sure, but I’m not going to take any chances.


  1. I walk my two old dogs, who are thankfully not as spry as we all used to be. I've found that if I walk fast, they trot and we're all wiped out afterward. It's a good way to get the endorphins pumping through the sluggish system and I do it for them-and me. I'm not the gym type, figuring that if I have to dress a certain way and leave my home for another address-especially driving-there'd better be cake involved. And a party-balloons, the works.I'm notably anti-social in a very sociable climate, an historic town in Missouri where there are clubs formed to walk, jog and otherwise imbibe in good wine at lunch time. If I follow the leaders around here, I'd be tipsy my mid-afternoon and worthless for writing or anything else the remainder of the day. So, I shun the offerings of meeting the girls for women's group, the book clubs, the flower club, the welcome wagon, etcetera. I have the excuse of living gluten free but they're queuing up to buy my first gluten free cookbook, which comes out in September, so they can ask me for lunch more often. These lovely, gentlewomen are determined to rob me of my only excuse!

    1. My kind of woman! Stick to your guns....and enjoy seeing them buy your gluten free cookbook . Hopefully, you'll have to exercise your writing hand a bit to autograph the copies you'll be signing.

  2. Lol! I'm a big fan to going to gyms with "my kind of people". But yes, maybe stick to writing! Also wishing a speedy recovery to Linda!

  3. Exercise for a writer is never easy, and kudos to you for trying different things. I personally go through phases. I can work out steadily for weeks, and then fall off the wagon and take a few weeks off. Anything effort we make, even if it's just taking the stairs instead of the elevator, is good for us!

    1. Sorry about the "unknown." That's me--Diane Vallere. (Spoons!)


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