Monday, December 1, 2014

What are you reading and welcome to December By Lynn Cahoon

The end of the year is always a time of reflection and planning for me. I go over out budget, try to see where we can make adjustments, look around the house for remodel ideas, and examine my writing career. I also take stock of my health. Just call me a Covey convert. I love his books about goal setting and looking on ways to improve your life.

This year, I'm kind of being forced to do something I never plan time for. I'm resting. I had a hip replacement two days after I released my last book -IF THE SHOE KILLS. Yep, I'm a planner. I also had a crown done last month since apparently I can't have dental work done for six months now.

So I'm tucked in my recliner with a comforter over my legs as I write this post.

What have I learned the last three weeks? I hate asking for help. I push myself too fast, too far. And you can watch cooking shows 24/7 on cable.  And I can write on my laptop.

The weather here in St. Louis isn't helping. We had highs in the 70's yesterday and today we have freezing rain.

I'm planning a soup day with a good book as soon as I get my words in today. And although my house doesn't have a fireplace, I'll be imagining one like this to warm my toes....

Help me out here... What are you reading? I need to stock up my Kindle.



  1. Lynn,

    Today is another good day to stay inside - at least on the western side of Missouri - cold, blustery and Monday. Bleh!

    I recently read John Gaspard's The Ambitious Card and really enjoyed it. Before that it was, Mission to Murder (but I assume you've read that one :-)).

  2. Hi Julie - It's kind of chilly here in eastern MO/western IL too....

    The Ambitious Card, I'll check it out... Hope you loved Mission to Murder. :)