Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Writing, Promotion, Life

All of the above battle for my time.

I'm in the process of writing my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery. I try to work on it every day--but things like laundry, making arrangements for a trip to promote a book, coming up with promotions, planning a blog tour, etc.

While writing a police procedural there are times that I have to do a bit of research. I'm fortunate to belong to PSWA and it's easy to get on the listserve and ask any question about police procedure that I need to find out. The answers will flood in from many law enforcement professionals.

Though not an outliner, I do have a good idea of where I'm going with the mystery--though at this point, I only have a vague idea of the outcome. Because this will be #11 in this series, I have continuing threads about the characters that I need to address.

As thoughts come to me, I always jot them down, because if I don't I might forget.

I was overdue with my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. I don't really have due date with the publisher, but I was so late sending in a manuscript, I got an email asking if I had one. I've turned it in and it's been assigned to an editor with a possible launch date at the end of September.

And of course this means I must get busy with planning the promotion.

And then there's life.

My husband does like to spend some time with me (and I with him) so we do take off and go to the movies and out to eat. He usually  comes along with me on any promotion trips and we turn them into mini-vacations.

We have a huge family--and many live nearby, one daughter, a son, five adult grandids, and 7 great-grands.We see them a lot and enjoy spending time with all of them. One daughter lives in Southern CA and two of her kids live with her. We try to get down there when possible.

And our eldest daughter is farther away also, Southern CA, but about a 6 hour drive. Her two adult kids are there with their families--and five more great-grands. And yes, we go there when we can.

There you have it--a busy life for this old lady, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith

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