Monday, August 18, 2014

Thoughts from the writer's family

Hi gang!

I'm out filling the well this week, so the post will be a little short.

I'm visiting with my family this weekend.  I've been writing as a second job for about two years now. Or actually, a published writer,so it counts in their eyes.

Introduced to one of my nephew's wife, she had the best response of all - "Oh, you're Lynn Cahoon, the writer?"

I think I adore this tiny addition to our family. She's a tattoo artist and has a creative side.

My sister said she didn't want to be the murderer in one of my books. I told her if I was really mad, she'd be the victim.

Family fun.

We were sitting around the table laughing at something and one of the siblings popped up, "You know this is going to show up in a book."

And they're probably right.

If you haven't tried the Tourist Trap Mysteries, GUIDEBOOK TO MURDER is available for $2. And MISSION TO MURDER is already available (digital and paper). IF THE SHOE KILLS, the third book in the series will be coming November 10th.

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