Monday, August 25, 2014

Rambling Mind

I admit I’m a celebrity-watcher. Growing up I had my favorites and follow their careers until they left the limelight. Then as I got older, I never thought that these celebrities get older until I see those dreadful words “dies at.” How did that happen? Recently so many actors that I enjoyed watching on the big screen and/or on the little screen are passing on and I feel so sad because I’ll never *see* them again, this despite not seeing them now. It was just the thought that they were living out their lives not in the limelight.

In a different scheme of things, September is almost here which means the start of the new TV series and I can’t wait for the return of the shows I watch.

  • Is Red Liz’s father? Who really is her husband?
  • Will Castle and Beckett get married? Who really was in that car? 
  • What will become of Reece and the gang? 
  • What is going to happen to Booth? To Bones? 
  • Criminal Minds - I'm hoping they go easy on the gore.
  • Who will win the next Amazing Race?

As for the new shows coming, I want to check out:
  • Madam Secretary
  • Black-ish 
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • Gracepoint (America’s Broadchurch)

With the new season forthcoming, what show are you waiting for their return? What new show interests you?


  1. LOL Dru Ann! I think we're watching a lot of the same shows! Just toss in Grimm, Elementary and Agents of Shield and you've got my line up. Although, having a baby put a crimp in my Person of Interest watching. I have to catch from Jos's death forward. :(

  2. I'm looking forward to that new show on FOX about the guy that never dies.

  3. Looking forward to Sleepy Hollow and Haven.

  4. Hi Dru Ann, I think the same way about the celebrities who are not living in the limelight anymore, and I get sad every time I see the announcement of a death of an actor who I've gotten to know through their movies, even though I know, through those movies, they'll live forever.

  5. I love Haven. And I'm a big Castle fan. Thanks for the list Dru Ann