Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ode to Girls Night Out

by Maria Geraci

I just finished the cutest book--Neanderthal Seeks Human. It's a romance but it's also got a small undercurrent women's fiction plot going on. The main character belongs to a knitting group, you see, although, technically she doesn't knit (the other members of the group do). Still, it's a great excuse for the characters to get together and drink wine, which, let's face it, is the basic premise of most book clubs, or Bunco groups, or any other girls night out group.

Last night I went to my writing group. There's about 9 of us and we're all writers and female. The first 2 hours were dedicated to eating and catching up on gossip. The last hour? Well, we did talk about writing. Some. And to be honest, a lot of time the focus IS on writing. But not until we socialize and get the niceties out of the way. Do men do this? I'm not sure since any men's- only-outing is limited to men. I suspect they do some small amount of socializing, but I also suspect we, as women, have that covered much more nicely than they do.

Recently, I ran into an article about a new game called Mommy Tonic. It's a card game you play with other women (moms, I guess) and there are four different versions of the game. There's even a website.  So, being a lover of all things party and girly related I ordered a game. I haven't hosted a Mommy Tonic party yet, but it's in the works. How about you? Do you participate in a Girls Night Out? And if so, what's the theme?

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