Monday, July 14, 2014

Hot, Bothered, & Feeling a Little Constrained

- by the Southern Half of Evelyn David

Today was Evelyn David's turn to post a blog here at The Stiletto Gang. Most of you are aware by now that "Evelyn David" is the pen name for two of us. We try to take turns writing the Evelyn David blog, but I have to admit that usually Marian ends up doing it. But this week, I'm determined to hold up my end of this partnership.

Blog Topics -
It's difficult for any writer to know if, or how many, personal thoughts and opinions to share with readers. The general rule of thumb is to avoid anything of a serious nature or anything that could possibly be controversial. No overtly religious posts. No partisan politics. Which, as everyone knows, can now encompass just about everything. Health care? No. Border security? No. Military? No. Foreign relations? No. The last thing an author wants to do is alienate his/her readers. Of course you also don't want your readers to think you live in a fantasy bubble and have no thoughts on anything beyond your next novel, food, favorite television shows, and vacation spots.

Issues -
I believe that it's becoming harder and harder to have open discussions about issues because people have become so polarized in their opinions – and I'm no exception to that problem. I have some strongly held beliefs and I do have a tendency to "judge" others when their beliefs differ from mine on some fundamental topics. But I try very hard not to express that judgment or allow it to prevent me from continuing to "hear" what the other person is saying. I know that if I try hard enough I can find common ground with just about anyone. The collective "Evelyn David" absolutely can. Between the two of us we have a wide range of opinions, politics, religious experiences, education, and lifestyles. I live in a very "red" state – Marian resides in a "blue" one. We manage, without too much push and pull, to get along despite, and maybe because of those differences. No matter your beliefs, you have to admit that being around people who constantly agree with everything you say or do (as comforting as that can be) is boring.

No Labels -
I can, with all confidence, tell you that although I'm a Democrat, I vote Republican about half the time. I've never voted a straight party ticket in my life. I don't want a political party telling me what to think. I don't need talk show hosts spinning the news. I believe in God, but not so much in organized religions. I like some federal programs and despise others. I support states' rights but am continually embarrassed by some of my own state's elected representatives. I believe in being responsible for yourself, supporting family and taking care of your own first. I believe in the death penalty as a concept, but find it too problematic in practice. I believe we have to protect the environment, but not at the loss of individuals being able to support their families. I want clean air but I also want affordable electricity. I think we need to spend more money on public education, subsidize daycare for the working poor, make sure that each community has a public library, ensure equal pay for equal work, establish a fair minimum wage, and we should find a way to make college affordable for everyone who wants to attend. I believe the President of the United States should do his/her job and follow the law. I believe Congress should do theirs and follow the law. And it's probably time to consider whether or not Supreme Court appointments should be for life – or maybe just consider a better way of determining who gets to sit on that highest bench in the first place. There are at least a couple there now who I wouldn't trust to water my plants over a long weekend.

If I've offended anyone by telling you my opinions, I'm sorry. Next time I'll be back to talking about mysteries and fictional worlds where problems can be solved with careful plotting.

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