Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome to the dark side... We have cookies

Well, kind of.

Hi, I'm Lynn Cahoon. I'm so excited to be part of Stiletto Gang. Who am I? Well, let's get started.

I've published 3 romance novels, 3 novellas, and a multitude of short stories. My first writing credit was a story for True Love - I Fell in Love With a Carney. With a off screen sex scene, it was considered hot for the media.  I went on to hone my craft weaving stories with several confessional 'true' stories ranging from dealing with credit card bills to finding a mate through a radio station contest. As I kept writing, I learned of new markets and have sold two shorts to Women's World.

In between the romance, I kept penning stories that didn't fit the happily-ever-after mold.  And after taking and carrying around a photo above for too many years, I finally started telling the story of the woman who lived in the run down house in the picture. But I found it wasn't her story, even though Miss Emily plays a large part of the book. And through the submissions and critiques and rejections, a new town was born, South Cove California. Jill Gardner is my amateur sleuth when she's not running her combination coffee house and bookstore or remodeling her new-to-her house.

Jill's story is being released in April 2014 through eKensington and is titled, Guidebook to Murder - A Tourist Trap Mystery. Book 2, Mission to Murder will release Summer 2014 and the third book, unnamed at this time, Winter 2014.

I've learned a lot about writing cozy mysteries in the last couple years, but once you're contracted, your learning curve shoots upward with new work to be done. Like promotion. And edits. And promotion.

I work a very dull day job that pays the bills. I'm married to my own romance hero who at times can turn into a murder mystery victim depending on my mood. I have two Pomeranians, Demon and Homer, who I adore and walk around the neighborhood. And we've just became the humans for two cats, Thor and Ella.

Check out my website for more about me at :

I'm looking forward to chatting twice a month.


  1. Very nice, Lynn. That picture intrigues me too. I can see why you'd write a story about it. Sounds like a terrific story.

    1. Gemma, I loved that house. For years I thought about buying something in a small California town, but Illinois called. :)

  2. Welcome, Lynn!!! Can't wait to read the new series!!

  3. Hi, Lynn. It's nice to make your formal acquaintance here and I look forward to "working" with you, sharing our comments over the months and months to come.

  4. Hi Kay! So excited to be part of this great group.