Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the Season

By Evelyn David

The holiday shopping has begun. Chanukah comes EARLY this year (that's the thing about the Jewish calendar – it's lunar, with an extra month every four years, so it never corresponds to the exact same Gregorian calendar date from year to year). Sometimes the eight days of the Festival of Lights coincides with the week of Christmas. This year, Chanukah begins on the night of December 8.

Now before everyone yells at me about Chanukah and gifts – let me state for the record that I like giving gifts. I like thinking about the individual and picking out something I know he or she will like. I have fun wrapping presents. And all of this is in full knowledge that Chanukah is not supposed to be a Jewish substitute for Christmas. It's a minor Jewish holiday and yet…in my childhood, I got a gift from my parents each night, albeit, most nights it was something very small, like socks or a book. But there was one really nice, I really wanted it, gift each year.

So I'm not going to be defensive or apologetic about liking to give gifts – probably even more than receiving them. But here's what's not so great about gifting.

Mailing gifts. Our extended family lives in California, Maryland, upstate New York, Washington, DC, and Israel. The cost of postage or non-USPS delivery often costs more than the gift. Now common sense would be to send a check to all concerned, pop it into an envelope with a 45 cent stamp (to go up to 46 cents on January 1) and call it a day.

But that's no fun.

Or I could pick out a gift on Amazon, have them gift-wrap it for another $5, and have it shipped directly to the recipeient. But unless the gift costs $25, I'll also pay shipping costs.

And I really do enjoy wrapping.

Not the biggest problem in the world. I'd vote for a solution to war before I'd focus on my minor holiday quibble.

What's your gift giving policy?

No gifts

Gifts only for the immediate family

Gifts recipients drawn by lots

Checks/Cash only


In any case, munching on holiday goodies while I wrap. Sending all good wishes for happy, healthy, fun-filled holiday season for each and every one of you.


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  1. I LOVE giving gifts and really think long and hard about what to get someone. Wrapping, not so much, but I am going to tackle that this weekend. We buy for immediate family and nieces/nephews and of course I always give gifts to teachers. Hubby and I usually don't exchange as we save for something we want to do together and use the money that way. Enjoy Chanukah! Maggie