Monday, December 10, 2012

Introducing Brianna Sullivan Mysteries: Books 1-3

By Evelyn David

Once upon a time Brianna Sullivan, a reluctant psychic from Chicago, gave up her job as a lost baggage finder at a major airlines and cashed in her savings to buy a motorhome. She named the motorhome, Matilda. Throwing off the burdens and responsbilities of full time employment, she began her journey across the United States, stopping from time to time and doing enough odd jobs to pay for the gasoline that Matilda guzzled like there was no tomorrow. One of her first stops was in the tiny Oklahoma town of Lottawatah where the population of living persons to the number of ghosts walking around was about equal.

Vol. 1 - Brianna arrives in Lottawatah, Oklahoma

After assisting the Lottawatah police in a couple of murder investigations, I TRY NOT TO DRIVE PAST CEMETERIES, Brianna decided to stay awhile and enjoy the small town atmosphere and the small town police detective who'd tweaked her interest. And to be honest, the gas prices had skyrocketed and she couldn't afford to stay on the road until she earned some serious cash.

Vol. 2 - Brianna attends Cooper's school reunion

In the second volume of the series, THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER IN LOTTAWATAH, Brianna sweats through an Oklahoma summer, heats up her romance with Detective Cooper Jackson, and finds out where all the bodies are buried (literally) when she attends Cooper's 20th High School reunion.

Vol. 3 - Brianna meets Cooper's family and enjoys a Thanksgiving meal with both the living and the dead

Brianna continues her adventures in Lottawatah in the third volume of the series - THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT(S) OF LOTTAWATAH. This book contains two short stories one set during Thanksgiving and the other during Christmas. In the first -  Giving Thanks in Lottawatah - Brianna joins Cooper Jackson's family for their traditional Thanksgiving meal, complete with relatives long passed over to the other side. The second story - Bah, Humbug in Lottawatah - details how Brianna solves a crime everyone already thought was solved, brings the real killer to justice, and gets an innocent man home in time for Christmas.

These mysteries and the others in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series are available in ebook or print format. For "buy links" see below. 

The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series – 9 books to date. 
Brianna Sullivan Mysteries - e-book series
I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries- Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
The Dog Days of Summer in Lottawatah- Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah- Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
Undying Love in Lottawatah- Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
A Haunting in Lottawatah - Kindle (exclusive to Amazon this month)
Lottawatah Twister - Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
Missing in Lottawatah - Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
Good Grief in Lottawatah - Kindle - Nook - Smashwords
Summer Lightning in Lottawatah - Kindle - Nook - Smashwords

For a limited time we are offering a boxed set of E-books of the first four in the series –
The Ghosts of Lottawatah - Kindle - Nook - Smashwords

The Ghosts of Lottawatah - trade paperback collection of the Brianna e-books
Book 1 - I Try Not to Drive Past Cemeteries (includes the first four Brianna e-books)
Book 2 - A Haunting in Lottawatah (includes the 5th, 6th, and 7th Brianna e-books)

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  1. Zoned for Murder is a terrific read I recommend to all. Thanks for opportunity to read.

  2. Thanks so much Jake for your very kind words. Much, much appreciated.

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    Evelyn David

  3. These are terrific books.

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