Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off On Another Promotion Adventure

Yep, have another new book. This is another Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Bears With Us.

I have two different series with two different publishers--but small independents. Which means most of the promotion for my books is up to me.

I've had some people ask why don't I go the route that some authors are doing and publish myself--doing the Kindle etc. thing. The answer is I don't want to--that part is done quite nicely by the publisher(s).

I barely have time for everything else in my life without attempting to figure out how to do all the stuff that makes a book a book. Like most of you, I have a life too. A husband to spend time with, meals to fix, lots and lots of relatives to enjoy, and I want to write.

What I am doing for promotion are all things I like to do--online it's blogging, Facebook, a bit of Twittering, and I'm going on a couple of blog tours. In person, I'm giving talks at libraries, teaching at writers conferences, book festivals and craft fairs, and going to LCC in Sacramento in 2012. (This one's close so I'm already signed up.) What I like best about doing the in-person stuff is that I often run into author friends I've met over the years and fans who've faithfully been reading my books.

I'm just beginning to get reviews for Bears With Us and I've been a bit nervous because I've broken a big rule of mystery writing--to have a murder within the first 50 pages. Yes, there is a murder--but it doesn't happen right away. Bears dominate the first pages--and the last ones too.

To me, a great-grandma, all this promotion is an adventure.



  1. Congratulations Marilyn on the new book. I think you're smart to have figured out what works best for you. Have fun on the new book promotion adventure.


  2. Yes, congrats on your latest release, Marilyn! Enjoy all your promotional efforts. I'm sure you and Hap will have a great time, wherever you go!

  3. Thanks, Marian.

    Susan, Hap and I do manage to have a good time with all this promotion stuff--enjoying the places we've gone.