Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming to a Television Near You

Today's blog is a perfect example of why everyone should write with a partner. This is Marian writing about Rhonda's interest in the upcoming television season.

Why, you ask? I mean there are really two questions. Why don't I, Marian, write about my own interest in the upcoming television season? That answer is easy. I don't watch much television other than cooking shows, old movies, and the news (and yes, I tape Extreme Couponing, but I'd prefer that not to get around). It's not that I'm averse to TV. I watched it nonstop for years. It's just lately, I haven't found a "must-see" show. When I do, I promise to put it on my DVR list.

Second question. Why is Marian writing about what Rhonda wants to watch this Fall? Again, easy answer. Rhonda's Mom is coming for a visit so there is whirlwind, power cleaning going on in Oklahoma. No time for writing blogs about television, let alone watching any.

Sooooo – the new television season begins this week. First, another question. Why do the television powers that be feel that the nation needs to watch a new version of Charlie's Angels? Have we not already goine through a half dozen Angels in its first incarnation, and then suffered through two movies of the same name? Is there nothing new that appealed to ABC?

Also, let me ask another question of those ABC television execs? Pam Am? Really? A show that focuses on pilots and airline stewardesses – when pilots were only male and stewardesses were only female? I'm all for retro, but can we skip some of the gender stereotypes?

Or how about the new show entitled The Playboy Club? Need I say anything??

Alright, back to Rhonda's list.

She's looking forward to some old favorites:

NCIS – which has a strong ensemble with smart women and as she points out, what can be bad about a show that has Mark Harmon?

The Good Wife – again, strong, smart women, but Rhonda's complaint is that they have drawn out the will they-won't they relationship of Good Wife and handsome co-worker. Rhonda's no longer, pardon the pun, passionately interested in if they do or don't.

Parenthood – the writing and acting feels fresh to her. The Northern half of Evelyn David, who may not watch television but does follow the gossip columns, pointed out that Peter Krause and Lauren Ambrose are dating, and they play brother and sister on the show. Rhonda didn't know that little tidbit, nor care.

Harry's Law – it's all about Kathy Bates, who according to Rhonda, "I'd watch her eat."

As to new shows, Rhonda mentioned:

Terra Nova – dinosaurs and time traveling humans, a perfect combo.

American Horror Story – think Dark Shadows, couple buys a house with a creepy creature living in the basement (in this real estate market, they're going to have problems with resale).

Hell on Wheels – think The Fugitive set in the post-Civil War era while building the transcontinental railroad. Confederate soldier searches for Union soldier who killed his wife (don't know if Union soldier has only one arm).

So Stiletto Faithful, what are you watching and what are you hoping to see in the new television season?

Marian and Rhonda, the collective Evelyn David

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  1. I think it's clear that shows like The Playboy Club and PanAm are glomming onto the nostalgia boom sparked by Mad Men.

    American Horror Story, via it's ad campaign, looks ho-hum and derivative to me. Seriously? A hipster cover version of the song "Tainted Love" (by Hannah Peel) and someone in a latex S&M body suit layered over clunky and ham-fisted "creepy" images? Not buying.

    We're thrilled that the new season of Modern Family is starting up this week and I am eager to see what the new seasons of Louie, Men of a Certain Age, and--keep your fingers crossed for next spring--Mad Men come up with . . .

    And, the best reality show ever--as a matter of fact, all of the others stink--FOOTBALL is back on, baby!

  2. Two words: MODERN FAMILY. Love, love, love that show. Compared to wife and mother, Claire, I don't look quite as crazy as my family thought I was. And like Vicky, I love football. As a matter of fact, I only got up from the couch yesterday to eat. It was wonderful. Maggie

  3. I'm excited about The Sing Off. It was a replacement show that has moved to it's own slot. Lots of great group singing is my kind of show:)

  4. Harry's Law-definitely! For women of a certain age, and stature. Besides, she's great. Old standbys like Criminal Minds, and NCIS-LA, and I must admit I watch Hawaii Five 0 for the scenery (ahem). That Alex and his partners. Let's not forget Luther, and Masterpiece Mystery. I like to do handwork so I can watch my TV programs.

  5. I'm just glad they moved Harry's Law off Monday. I love Castle and my hubby loves Hawaii 5-0. But we can only DVR two channels at a time and Harry was on channel number three. Now we can have it all.

  6. LD, you bring up a point I made on my blog last year. For some bizarre reason the networks pit their reality tv shows on the same night against each other, and their scripted shows with real actors against each other. I think it's crazy.

    Harry's Law had not been created yet when I wrote my article but is one of my favorite shows and I would of course watch it over any reality tv show out there.

  7. I watch a lot of the shows when the season is over, on DVD--Parenthood, Dexter, The Good Wife. Anything on after 9, I won't see the end. I do like Dancing with the Stars--and often have to ask who got kicked off.