Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Take on What's Going On at Home and Abroad

The reason I put the cover of my latest book, Angel Lost, up today is because I like it and it makes me happy to look at.

What doesn't make me happy is all the scary stuff going on all around the world with the Japan earthquake and tsunami being at the top of the list right now--but who knows what will be next? My heart goes out to the Japanese people. What's happening over there is far worse than any horror movie or story. Who would believe an earthquake of such magnitude followed by tsunmai traveling 500 miles and hour? Nuclear reactors exploding and now a volcano erupting, it's all too much to even grasp.

I'm not even going to get into the wars and rumors of wars.

What I'm going to write about next seems petty to all of the above.

I'll move onto something far smaller-daylight savings time. I'm an early riser and I'm not thrilled with it being so dark for so long in the morning. I know that I'll get used to it and as summer approaches it will get light earlier.

Last week I had a couple of disappointments. The big one was the cancellation of Mayhem in the Midlands. This is a convention I eagerly await each year. Because hubby and I are getting older I was wondering how many more we'd get to attend with flying getting more difficult each year. Now, it seems, we may have already gone to the last one. It's like finding out a family reunion has been canceled. I'm not going to see any of the wonderful friends that I've made over the years at Mayhem, nor will I be able to share wonderful meals with them at the various ethnic restaurants in Omaha.

So as not to lose the money completely I'd lost on the non-refundable ticket (the trip insurance I bought didn't cover the cancellation of an event) I decided we should go to Killer Nashville. I registered for both of us (this is a non-refundable fee) then called the airline to buy the airline tickets. To make a long and very frustrating story short, the new tickets, even deducting the old ones, are twice as much as the first pair.

A two day event I was going to attend for the second time (the Jane Austen Fest) was canceled and I might not have even found about it if I hadn't run into one of the organizers and told her I'd see her in a few weeks. Fortunately, I did get the money back for that one, and the hotel I planned to stay in for two nights cancelled my reservation without a fuss.

I then signed up for a one day event right here in my home town, certainly not nearly as elegant and you can see that by the name, The 50th Jackass Mail Run. It cost 1/4 what the Jane Austen Fest. It's outdoors which means putting up a tent, hauling table and chairs and my books--but what the heck, it's close by, I won't have to pay for a motel room.

My problems seem pitifully small compared to all the global happenings, but they are problems I can deal with.

And on the positive side, the reviews for Angel Lost are beginning to come in and so far have all been great.


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  1. Marilyn, I think dealing with our own lives is kind of a survival tactic these days when there's so much tragedy going on around the world! If we didn't have our own families to focus on, even the little things, we'd be too overwhelmed to function. So thanks for sharing your small disappointments (as weird as that sounds)! It's kind of a relief reading about manageable things that go awry instead of complete catastrophes! You amaze me with your energy and willingness to do so many events. All I can say to that is, "Go, Marilyn, go!" :-)