Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Clicking Our Heels - Dream Locations For Writing

Clicking Our Heels – Dream Locations for Writing

Every writer harbors a dream of the perfect place to write – today, the Stiletto Gang lets you into our secret desires.

Sparkle Abbey:

Mary Lee Ashford - For me, a dream location for writing would be a spot close to water such as a beach or a lake, but I also need to be close to books. And coffee. So, maybe a cottage by the sea within walking distance of a coffee shop would be perfect! 

Anita Carter - Dream location would be anywhere near a beach. It would be amazing to live in an oceanside cottage for a few months while working on a book. I can hear the crashing waves right now!


Lynn McPherson - My dream location is in a small seaside town, somewhere with a small desk by a big window that opens up, overlooking the ocean and allowing the salty breeze to flow through.


Shari Randall - My dream location is a cabana on the beach of a Greek island, fully stocked with cold drinks and snacks, a sunset to look forward to every night, and a catamaran on call. A girl can dream!


Juliana Aragon Fatula - A beach view in a five-star hotel with nice sheets and pillows and room service, free wifi, off season with no other guests, quiet, peaceful, comfy.

Dru Ann Love - Just a nice corner with little distraction, beside the TV on in the background.

Julie Mulhern - There's an enormous picture window with a great view.

Robin Hillyer-Miles - I am a spoiled woman. We have an in-ground pool with a birdcage enclosure surrounding it. I tend to write better while sitting by that pool. 

T.K. Thorne - Like a remote tropical island close to the ocean, or the top floor of an old house on the bay, or a luxurious condo somewhere high overlooking the ocean.  Give me water!

Kathryn Lane - It’s a cabin in the mountains of northern New Mexico, near Taos. As long as the cabin is warm, cozy, and I can periodically peek at the beautiful view, my writing juices flow.

Paula Benson - Oddly enough, I’ve always imagined a dream location for writing as an office building. Growing up, I imagined working for a movie studio and having an office to go to for my work. Going to work at an office where you get paid for your fiction writing. That’s my dream location












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  1. Love everyone's response to the dream location! Especially the one in the Greek Isle. Besides my little mountain cabin, I could certainly be inspired on a Greek Isle! Yet, as Dru Ann says, a corner with little distraction is also a great place to write!