Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Clicking Our Heels - Looking Forward - Seasonal Preferences

Clicking Our Heels – Looking Forward – Seasonal Preferences

As we practice social distancing and are limited in our interactions outdoors, we thought we’d tell you which seasons we love – and are thinking about. We also want to tell you how much we care about you, our readers, and hope you are staying safe and well.

Julie Mulhern – I adore autumn-the colors, the crisp air, the bright blue of an October sky.

Juliana Aragon Fatula – Spring because of gardening and growing plants from seeds gives me a kickstart on life. Seeing baby deer being born on my front yard under my Aspen grove opens my eyes to the mystery of the circle of life. Rain, wet earth, birds singing, the magic of creation.

Debra H. Goldstein – Summer. The warmth of the weather; the fact that people want to get together; the joy of being at the beach or in the water; the fun of seeing children learning to swim; the relaxation everyone feels.

Dru Ann Love – I like Autumn – because it’s not that cold nor too hot and no allergies to deal with.

Robin Hillyer-Miles – Summer! I like it hot. I love to have a dribble of sweat slipping down the center of my back.

Debra Sennefelder – Hands down, autumn is my favorite season. I love the child in the air, cozy sweaters and comfort food. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

A.B. Plum – I love spring because of the rebirth, literally, of the natural world. I don’t mind the rain because it feeds the plants and around here, ensures the racoons and possums and other critters won’t die of thirst or come into my backyard looking for water.

Kathryn Lane – Spring is allergy season for me. Fall, especially in the mountains, is sheer beauty – the golden foliage, wildlife passing through on their way to lower, warmer territory, and the warm days and cool nights. Pure bliss.

T.K. Thorne – I love spring, but it doesn’t love me. One of my favorite writing places is my front porch, and I love when it gets warm enough to do that. Nature things happen there, and I can spend hours in my rocking chair, but I pay the price with allergies.

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  1. This year, I'm looking forward to summer when we hopefully will have social distancing behind us. Of course, I'm a Fall person at heart. Loved reading about everyone's fav season!