Thursday, February 27, 2020

To Err is Human by Juliana Aragon Fatula

Juliana and Bennet revising her m.s. 2019

Dear Reader,

I've made mistakes in my life. Many mistakes. But the fact that people, loved ones, friends, have forgiven me taught me a lesson. To forgive is divine. Recently, I made a mistake and sent an email that was confusing and so the recipient mistook my message. It was not her fault. The fault was mine. This happens because we are so busy texting, tweeting, posting, and emailing and we forget to reach out and talk to each other like we used to do prior to the internet and the technology that has enveloped our lives.

I used to write letters to my family. I'd send cards, photos, and keep in touch with friends. Today, we have slipped into a new kind of communication and it has taken out the human element. I say we return to decency and begin talking to one another even if only for a moment. There is nothing like the sound of your loved one's voice to calm you when you are sad, or mad, or glad. The tone of one's voice conveys more than just words, it sends emotions. Our emails and tweets are void of emotions and can be confusing on the other end with no idea how to take the message. Was she kidding? Did he mean it when he called me a snob or was he joking? Is she mad at me or just annoyed. What did I say or write that has them so upset? I'm sure you've been in a predicament where you just didn't understand the message or the sender? So you send a reply and it gets worse.

I email hundreds of people and don't have their phone numbers. I don't remember phone numbers if I do have them because they are saved in my contacts and I type their name and their phone number appears.

One time, a family member sent me a text late at night and when I read it the next morning I was stunned. What had I done or said to make them so angry with me? Fuck, if I know. I decided to ignore the text and go on with my life. I suggest the same to you, dear reader. I've seen countless posts where people are arguing over bullshit and calling each other names because the personal touch has been removed and cyber bullying has taken over.

In the future, I plan on writing more letters sending more greeting cards filled with words of encouragement, hope, and wisdom. I save all the letters sent to me and when I read letters from those who have passed, it takes me to that moment when I last heard their voice. As a writer, I love hearing from readers who like my work and so I write to other writers to tell them how much their writing has made me feel. I think we should sit down once a month and write a letter to a writer and tell them how much their writing has influenced our lives. 

Writing letters instead of tweeting, texting, and posting might just be the answer to solving some of life's problems. World Peace and communication with kindness are on my to do list. 

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