Thursday, April 12, 2018

Deadlines by Juliana Aragon Fatula

Dear Readers, 

I know most of you are aware that I have stopped using Facebook. I'm waiting for Zuckerberg to get his act together. I may return someday. But for now, this blog will be my main form of communicating with you. So, please add your comments and I will respond. 

Today is my second Thursday of the Month of April 2018 post. I've been busy with gardening, cooking, cleaning, and watching CNN. I'm addicted. I know I need intervention, but I just can't get away from the train wreck that is happening in our country. Yikes. 

So today, I'm going to meet my deadline for today and write about something I struggle with, deadlines. 

So I have to set deadlines or else I will never finish my goals. My most recent goal has passed but I am determined to set a new goal and get it done. My son came home after a six year absence and I've been spending time with him instead of writing. It's been six months since he returned home and now I'm going to get back to work. 

I'm working on my first mystery manuscript and since I've never written a mystery I had to first learn how to write a great one. Not a good one, but a great one. I've had writer friends encourage me and recommend books on writing that have given me skills. It's like I went to master writing class and studied the art of the mystery. 

I've been working on this story for years and I want to finish it and submit it to be published. But first, I have to make sure it is great, not good, but great. I've enjoyed reading it to myself and have patted myself on the back for finishing it and writing a good story, now comes the hard part, revising my work to greatness. I know I can do it. I have it in me. I'm determined to accomplish my goal. 

I've had set backs and missed my self imposed deadline but life interrupted and I took time from writing to be a mom. He needed me. My husband has learned to tolerate my writing and reading and revising and understands my need, my passion to write. My son had never seen my writer within, he only knew the mom that studied, and studied, and studied writing. So he felt a resentment to my writing because I wasn't paying attention to his needs. Now that six months have passed and he's gotten into his own routine, I can return to my work without feeling like a neglectful mom. 

So I have the rest of this year to finish this process of making my story great. Then, I must submit it and let it go and get on with the sequel. The Colorado Sisters and the Montana Murder. 

Wish me luck. I'll keep you informed on this blog. 

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