Thursday, March 24, 2016

CLICKING OUR HEELS - Mountains or Beach?

CLICKING OUR HEELS – Mountains or Beach?

Cathy Perkins:  “Both!  I live in the mountains (yeah, I know, tough gig, someone has to do itJ) so the beach is a favorite getaway.  I love looking out the window every morning at a scene most people consider a vacation destination but mostly I love the quiet that comes with living in the mountains – and the wonderful ‘neighbors’ who look out for each other.”

Sparkle Abbey:  “Absolutely the beach!  Whether it’s a beautiful blue California beach, or a white sand Gulf beach, or tropical island beach, we’re there.”
Paffi Flood:  “Definitely mountains.  I love the idea of the beach.  I dream about it all through winter, especially after I see ads for resorts, but after I arrive at a beach, within minutes, I’m done with the blaring sun and the intruding sand.”

Debra H. Goldstein:  “Beach!!  Actually, it is the water.  Swirling waves bring out my creativity and  I don’t if it’s raining or the sun is out, the key for me is the movement of the water.”
create a peaceful feeling that I can’t get anywhere else.

Jennae M. Phillippe:  “I used to live in Los Angeles so I am going to go ahead and say: both!  Because you can go from the mountains to the beach in a single drive.  It’s a very lovely drive.”

Linda Rodriguez:  “I’m totally a mountains person.  I enjoy the beach, but mountains make me so happy I feel as if I could fly, and I’m always a little homesick for them.  Probably because I come from a long line of conquered mountain and hill people – Cherokee, Scots Highland, and Irish.

Bethany Maines:  “Beach!  Who doesn’t love the feel of sand between their toes?”

Dru Ann Love:  “Neither.  Give me a city location and I’m there.  If I had to choose between the two, it would be mountains as long as I’m being driven up it.”

Juliana Aragon Fatula:  “Beach.  Dillon Beach, California.  Two summers ago, I met my best friend there for two weeks and we workshopped on the beach her novel and my memoirs.  It was a learning experience and I realized how much I love writing when I can read or write all day or night without interruptions from family/day to day chores.  It was a magical visionary time of enlightenment with someone I love and that loves writing, too.”

Kay Kendall:  “I must choose the beach since being hemmed in by mountains makes me uncomfortable, claustrophobic.  That’s because I grew up on the wide open spaces of Texas and Kansas.  When I’m at the beach, it’s not for sunbathing.  That’s boring, and I don’t like to be hot.  I like to walk along a beach and look for shells.  The beaches of Oregon are fantastic.  South Carolina too.”

Marilyn Meredith: “I live in the foothills of the Sierra and can see the nearby mountains from my office window.  My Tempe Crabtree series is set in a mountain town similar to where I am.”

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