Thursday, June 18, 2015

She-Shed, Me-Shed

By Laura Bradford

I want a She-shed.

There, I said it.

Have you seen these things? They're literally backyard sheds that have been girl-ified (think man-cave but attractive).

I stumbled across this concept on Facebook the other day (saw one on my newsfeed), and I was hooked.

One day.

One day, I will have a She-shed.

And it will be so adorably neat all the time and super girl-y.

I'll go there to read.

I'll go there to relax.

And I'll go there to write.

If you had a She-shed, what would yours be used for?



  1. Oh, definitely for reading and writing! I love the look of them....sigh.

    1. Laurel-Rain, I've seen some (like the two pictures I hijacked) that are just so adorable!

  2. I do want a she-shed. But I'm pretty sure it would end up looking just like my office - that is totally cluttered, with baby crap strewn everywhere. Can a she-shed come with a personal assistant to tidy and organize?

    1. A personal assistant would be a nice accessory, for sure. :)

  3. I've always loved she-sheds. Made sure our kids had a kid-shed of their own. Mine would need AC, electricity, and plenty of sunlight. Oh, and a refrig. Aaaah. I'm there now.

    1. AC and electricity for sure! And heat in the winter! :) I agree on the sun, too. Lots of sun!

  4. I would use my she-shed as a bolt-hole. As my husband's carer, I would love a place where I could relax, be just me; listen to music, read or paint for a little while without interruption and of course drink the odd cup of tea or glass of wine even when it's pouring down outside - very cozy. I can only dream.


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