Monday, June 8, 2015

Guaranteed to Bleed

About a year ago, I got THE CALL. I went from a woman who alternated between typing and keeping her fingers crossed to a woman who…well, one of the first things I learned was I still needed to keep my fingers crossed.

Truth is, no one really knows why one book catches on and another doesn’t.

Is it the cover? Timing? Luck? Crossed fingers?

The only things I can control are how tightly I cross my fingers and how good the next book is.

Which brings us to the next book. You’ve heard of the sophomore slump? I might have worried a bit...

So far, five people outside of my agent and publisher have read Guaranteed to Bleed. Three of them are critique partners—they don’t count.

So…two people. This in contrast to the veritable army who read The Deep End before publication. One of those people is a friend who would lie to save my feelings. The other is a friend who doesn’t pull her punches. One said fabulous, the other said amazing. I think—hope—they’re both telling the truth.

You could be the third person to read Guaranteed to Bleed.

This week I’m giving away an ARC on Goodreads.

You should ENTER. You might win.
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