Monday, May 26, 2014

Another ramble by yours truly

What should I talk about? I have no idea. This is getting harder and harder to find a topic that will interest people to stop by and see what I have to say. Hey, if you’re reading this, thank you!

Someone asked with my daytime situation, how do I have time to do the other things that I do such as the dru’s book musings, quilting, Facebooking, I don’t tweet, writing a monthly blog for The Cozy Chicks and The Stiletto Gang and reading? I don’t know, I just do it. As an introvert, being in the comfort of my home gave me pleasure because I can entertain myself with my hobby of watching TV, going to the movies (although I do this rarely, but Godzilla sent me to the movies last week), so it was a natural transition to helping authors get the word out about their work, especially since I was already telling them I liked what they wrote.

It gets easier with time as you develop a routine for getting it all done. I don’t have deadlines like the authors do, although as I type this on Saturday morning at 5:49 EST, this is due on Monday at 3:00am EST, it will get done. I’m just rambling away filling up space. Do you find rambling help you clear your mind?

I dedicate an hour every day to do my blog activities such as sending out reminders to the author that their blog goes live the next day; selecting a winner for the giveaway; notifying author of giveaway winner; formatting blog posts for their guest appearances and keeping track of schedules and other blog related items. Hey, I have to be done before Jeopardy comes on. On Saturday, I devote up to two hours for my weekly round-up post and making sure the next week’s guest posts are ready for their scheduled publication. Do you use Saturday as your catch-up day?

Oh, in between that I’m reading books. I use to average reading 4-5 books but now I’m averaging 3-4 books per week. I’m reading 90% of my books on my e-reader and the worst thing that can happen is when you get to the good part of the book and the power runs out, especially when you are not near a power source. Has that ever happened to you with your e-reader?

In between that, I have to find time to work on my quilt project. I interrupt this note to say “there’s a cruise ship passing by on its way to port” and I can even hear it blowing it’s horn, it’s a bit foggy out here. Anyhoo, this week I want to finish the quilt I started a month ago, but before that I have to make a quilted pillow for a bride. I’m using her invitation as the centerpiece of the quilt. Are you crafty?

I rambled myself out of topics. See you in a month.


  1. Hi Dru!! I am crafty, but I rarely make the time to play. I bought a new sewing machine a few years ago and swore I'd start quilting, but it hasn't happened. Today, I'm home alone finishing up some long overdue projects.

  2. I am such a rambler--I've learned to embrace it. I'm also always impressed with people (like you!) who stick to a routine. I'm like dandelion fluff, randomly blowing from one thing to another. In case I haven't said it lately, thank you for all the book love you share with others, Dru Ann. :)

    1. Thanks Heather. I rather like your dandelion fluff as you write such wonderful stories.

  3. I love how you get so much done by working to a routine. Nothing flashy, just consistent. The quilted wedding pillow sounds like a fun project, too. I've really enjoyed your ramble today.