Monday, August 5, 2013

The Art of the Move

by Evelyn David

At long last, we moved. I've been talking about it, planning for it, and then going through the process of culling, donating, tossing, and packing for what seems like eternity, so that the actual move was almost anti-climatic. No time for sentiment when it's 100 degrees, 200% humidity, and the truck is a-waiting. To my old house: See You, it's been great.

To the New One: um, pardon me, but you looked like you were pristine and perfect when I bought you; now that I'm living here, you've got more than your fair share of problems.

On the other hand, don't we all?

I've found in life that often what I fear will be the big problem – isn't; and what I thought would be a snap is a totally unexpected disaster. For example, when our oldest son was in kindergarten, at a private school that was known for its child-centered philosophy and for which we were paying a fortune which we didn't have – we got a full-price offer on our house. At last we could move so that my husband's commute to his new job, close to 2 hours each way, would be eliminated.

I obsessed over moving my firstborn during the school year, convinced that I was about to inflict unfixable psychic damage that would require years of therapy. (What can I say? I'm a writer, I tend to be overly dramatic). But sadly, it's the truth. I was terrified about the short- and long-term effects on child number one.

So of course, I paid zero attention to the two-year old, who was a happy-go-lucky, walked at ten months, toilet-trained himself at 20 months, sprite.

You know the end of the story. Son number one headed off to public school and announced he'd always hated the fancy-schmancy private school. Son number two became a 30-pound permanent weight on my leg, regressed totally, and left me wondering just how dumb I could be to so totally misread the cues about both kids. OY.

For this move, I had no kids to worry about – but I did have a very aged dog who is very particular about her toilet habits. (Why does any move involve me worrying about bathroom habits?). So she spent the first week of the move with her doctor, to avoid the chaos of the move (and the quick trip we took to son number two's graduation from his MFA program – and yes, he did grow up unscathed from that "traumatic" period of his life). We brought Clio home on Monday and spent the next 24 hours walking around our neighborhood trying to entice her to "do her business." She's pickier than Queen Elizabeth about her throne. But finally, she has found a few spots that suit her – and other than that, she's eating, sleeping, and begging for treats like normal. It's quite possible that she prefers this house to the old one for the same reason my husband does – no steps. Both suffer from aging knees.

So I'm moved in and have one zillion boxes, workmen, and house problems to deal with. But I'm also more than ready to move on to some murder and mayhem – fictional of course.

Marian, the Northern, unsettled, but getting there, half of Evelyn David

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  1. Marian, I'm so happy it went well for you. Having just moved my youngest from Iowa back to KC, I can so sympathize with you. I'm living right now with towers of boxes and bins in my living room until he gets a new job and a place of his own.

    Hope you, your husband, and Clio get settled in soon.

  2. Once this has become "yours", this will all seem a mere blip on the radar. And now with Clio happy, and no one having to climb stairs, that blip is much nearer.

    Congratulations on your new home.

  3. Enjoy your new home. It will all get in order, and you can relax and live your life. :)

  4. Yes, enjoy the new home! We've made like 6 or 7 interstate moves in the past 10 years and I think one is coming up - loved them all but you are so right about worrying about what doesn't happen and not worrying about what does happen.


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