Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleeping with the windows open

by Maria Geraci

First, I must apologize for missing my blogs last month. What was I thinking? Well, clearly, I wasn't. This time last month I was in the middle of the RWA conference and there was lots of other stuff going on and I simply forgot. So sorry!

Now, onto today's blog, which I'm writing in the midst of a stuffy, humid house.

Yep, our air-conditioner broke down yesterday.

I first noticed it early in the morning when I woke up. The house felt stuffy. But since temps generally drop to the mid-high seventies at night and our thermostat is set to 75, I figured the unit just hadn't turned on.

By late morning I knew something was wrong. And by the time mid-afternoon came and the temp in the house hit 85 I definitely knew something was wrong. So I called Buddy, our air-conditioning guy (yes, we're on a first name basis with our air-conditioning guys down here in Florida) and he came out last night and told us we need a new compressor. Getting one asap, which isn't fast enough for me. Hopefully, tonight I'll be able to get some good sleep.

Which brings me to the topic of my post. I haven't slept with the windows open in forever. Usually, in the cooler months, I have the windows open all day, then shut them up at night. But open windows, all night long? I haven't done that since I was in college and I'm not sure why. We live in a very safe neighborhood, have never been the victims of any crime (thank goodness), and have screens on all our windows, so, why not sleep with the windows open more often?

I'll tell you why. It sounds like a dang forest outside my house. Crickets, cicadas and all kinds of creepy crawly things (not to mention, owls. I had no idea I had owls hooting in my backyard). I guess I'm just not a nature girl. I like the soothing sound of a fan whirling above my head. And that's it.

How about you? Do you sleep with the windows open or closed?


  1. I need to sleep with my windows open, even if it's a crack in the winter. Luckily I have screens on my windows.

  2. Since I moved to Florida, I ALWAYS sleep with the windows open. Of course, I don't live in the woods so owls and such are not a factor. I live on a barrier island and falling asleep to the sound of the sea is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it's so quiet I have to concentrate to hear, other times it's boisterous and noisy, but I love it in all its moods.


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