Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Milestones, Big and Small

Yesterday, Evelyn David mentioned some things I'd like to follow up on.

Labor Day and whether or not to stop wearing while shoes. I don't own a pair of white shoes, so that's no problem. When I was in high school, in the fall we wore sweaters and wool, or other heavy fabric, skirts, bobby socks and Joyce shoes (and guess what, they were white--kind of like nurses' shoes, with a bit of a platform, and very expensive--my mother made me buy mine with my own money.) No one ever wore tennis shoes to class--only in gym and they were called gym shoes--ugly.)

Since I grew up in Los Angeles, it was often very hot in the fall--and sometimes on into and through December. Didn't matter, sweaters and skirts were what the girls wore. (No female wore slacks to school. This was in the late 40s and early 50s, I graduated in 51.)

In the spring, when it was over overcast and cool, we wore dresses, cotton skits and blouses. We still might wear our Joyces with bobby socks--but sometimes we changed to Capezio ballet shoes. Expensive and you had to go to the store in downtown L.A. to buy them. And they weren't meant for wearing on sidewalk--so they didn't last long.

I love all the TV shows Evelyn does--but I have to fight to stay awake for Dancing with the Stars--I fight and I lose sometimes. The series shows I wait and order the whole season from Netflix and watch a year behind everyone.

And that brings me to the big milestone in my life. I turned 80 on Saturday and I celebrated with my girls and their spouses in youngest daughter's home in Camarillo. (Son stayed home because his daughter and her family came to visit.)

The celebration began on Friday when we arrived--a homemade enchilada dinner and a wild pool tournament. (They played for quarters--I watched.)

On Saturday, after a lot of visiting, we headed to Ventura and had lunch at the Aloha Restaurant where we could watch the ocean. From there we went to the actual marina and took a cruise and got to see how the rich folk live with their huge houses right on the water and their yachts parked at their own docks.

We also saw lots of brave souls on stand-up paddle boards and others kayaking among the seals. (The boat captain told us sometimes dolphins come in and once a whale decides to visit.)

We ventured out just beyond the breakwater--and it was a beautiful day!

When we returned to our home base in Camarillo, son-in-law Rick barbecued tri-tip, ribs and salmon--and daughter Lori made the sides. For desert (my request) we had hot fudge (or whatever kind anyone wanted to build) sundaes. We were joined by my youngest granddaughter, Alyssa, who is now 20, and granddaughter Genie with her family.

After all the food, we played Tripoli and hubby and I lost all of our pennies, but had a lot of fun.

A great weekend, and yes--a big milestone for me.

Now, I need to get busy and get some writing done!



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