Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Crazy Summer

by Maria Geraci

I can't believe that in just a few days summer will be over. Although officially, summer isn't over until Sept 21, Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the beginning of fall. Soon, it will be football games, cooler weather, dropping leaves and the beginning of the holiday rush. I'm both looking forward to it and regretting it, because honestly, my summer seemed to just disappear.

Maybe it's because I had a book debut in early August and it seemed that most of my days were filled with some kind of promotion. Or maybe it's because my youngest daughter was home from college, and having a kid in the house again is always busy. Or maybe it's because I never once made it to the beach. I know. I live in Florida and I'm ashamed to type that! All I know is that we made time for vacation this week and now we're sitting in the middle of a tropical storm. Oy! I'm a native Floridian and should know better. No one takes a vacation in Florida in late August (not if they can help it, that is!).

So, I didn't make it to the beach, I didn't take a real vacation, and I didn't make much, if any progress, on my next novel. Yet, I can't remember having a busier past few months.

In the tradition of back to school essays everywhere, I asked myself,  what exactly did I do this summer?

Here's my list:

I wrote a gazillion blog and Q&A pieces for my blog tour to promote my new release. Plus, answered lots of emails.
Updated my website.
Traveled to Orlando for a book signing at the public library.
Caught up on 3 years worth of business expenses to amend my taxes. (Can you believe I found $22,000 worth of deductions?--yep, I'm a terrible book keeper.)
Cleaned out most of the closets in my home.
Took up Jazzercize again.
Went to see our local community theater's version of Aida 4 times (hey, my daughter was in the play!)
Obsessed endlessly over how my new novel was doing by Googling my title, name, etc... over and over.
Oh, and still worked at the day job (night job, to be exact- delivering babies).

Whew. I guess my summer was somewhat productive, after all.

What about you? What did you do this summer?


  1. Oh, Maria, I hear you! My own book came out at the beginning of summer, so mine has been filled with the same promo activities and travel as yours plus edits on the second book (due out at the beginning of next summer--so I see this will be a continuing situation). I plead guilty also to the obsessive googling of the book.

    No Aida, unfortunately. And I love it. Saw it on Broadway twice.

    I wish I could say I'd cleaned out all my closets and put all my receipts and taxes in order for the last three years. I'm actually pretty good on the tax thing, but don't look at my house, please!

    Mostly, I wrote another book. So I'll count this as a reasonably productive summer. Like you, though, I've had no vacation and need one. Have to plan better next year.

  2. Linda, writing a book is huge! So I would say you have a very productive summer. Maybe we can take a vacation this fall ;)


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