Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glorious Day with the Reading Club

There I am yakking away about my books at the Reading Club. Oh my, I wish there were more of them around, I had so much fun and I think they did too.

My daughter-in-law was the designated driver and a good thing because the traffic was horrendous for our 3 1/2 hour drive. We just made it for our luncheon date with the program chair and the president of the group--two delightful ladies.

Over forty women showed up for the event. They meet twice monthly and always have a speaker who might talk about a book she's recently read or some other topic that the others might be interested in, afterwards tea is served. Tea in the old-fashioned sense of the word, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

They'd asked me to talk about my writing history and then the inspiration for my books. One thing I've learned over the years is to tell something fun and interesting about the book or what I had to do for research, and to be sure and make the audience laugh--which I did. When I felt like I'd talked long enough, I asked for questions and had plenty to answer. Once I was through, the women rushed up to buy books. Thank goodness I brought my daughter-in-law because she handled the money while I autographed books.

We stayed long enough for a cup of tea before packing up and heading home--which was an easier drive than getting there.

What I learned.

Most of these women were in the fifty through seventy age range, though I spotted a couple that might have been in their forties, and one lady apologized for her shaky handwriting as she wrote her check and she was 90. Many had been school teachers and several married to professors at the local university. (Of course I didn't hear everyone's backgrounds, but this was from those who shared with me.)

All were nicely dressed and many in spring colors like the room was decorated. Reminded me of other women's groups I've spoken to over the years.

None of them owned a Kindle. We did talk about e-readers a little and some agreed it would be nice to have one while on a trip. My daughter-in-law told me she's downloaded a Kindle Ap to her iPhone and that's how she plans to read all the Sookie Stackhouse vampire books.

Turlock is a medium sized city located on 99 between Merced and Modesto (Central Valley, California) which is mainly agricultural) and all three cities have colleges.

Many of these women liked to read a series in order, but when I assured them each of my books has a satisfactory ending despite the ongoing characters, they chose the book that most interested them when I talked about it.

And to emphasize what I've learned when I first began doing this, people seem to like it that I don't have to refer to my notes--I didn't have any--and they love it when I make them laugh.

So that's the report on my glorious day with the Reading Club in Turlock.

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  1. Marilyn--you might want to mention to readers curious about e-readers another very great advantage they have (besides portability, etc.): the type size is adjustable and for people with vision problems who require large-print books this is a great help. I have an older friend who finds she has a whole new list of books and periodicals at the ready immediately because of this feature. She doesn't have to wait or miss out at all on her reading anymore. A real example of technology that enhances life!

  2. Yes, I agree, Vicky, I've talked about e-readers to folks for years.

    One thing the president told me is she felt sorry for the authors who came and told the whole plot of their book because then no one had a reason to buy the book.

    I concentrate on more or less the elevator pitch and what led me to write the book.


  3. Marilyn, sounds like a great group! So glad you had fun. :-)