Monday, October 4, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

By Evelyn David

In Murder Off the Books, Mac Sullivan and Rachel Brenner meet cute. He suspects that her brother is a murderer, which may be a turn-on for some women, just not for Rachel. The scene is set for lots of banter and passive-aggressive flirting. Even the putative couple’ pets have a love-hate relationship. Whiskey, the Irish wolfhound, and Snickers, the butterball feline, snap, hiss, and snarl their way through the book, only to reach a detente (with Snickers on top of the refrigerator and Whiskey eating kitty kibble) at the end.

Making a love connection, in fiction or real life, ain’t easy.

An eHarmony poll reports that 19 percent of married couples surveyed met online. Seems a tad high, but on the other hand, I personally know four blissfully wedded couples who did make their first connection through one of the Internet dating sites. Once you’re out of school, it seems like the opportunity to meet eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is drastically reduced. This may just be a nervous mother talking, but I always figured any man my college daughter met on campus was safe; if she met him in a bar, then I was immediately into hyper-alert, “is this a serial killer,” mode. Okay, I agree that I’m not always completely or even partially sane about my kids’ safety.

But actually where are you going to meet potential suitors? You’re not supposed to date anyone from work (complications, maybe even lawsuits, if you break up). But if you’re spending 10 or more hours a day at your job – it doesn’t leave much time for socializing outside the office.

So if it’s not a bar or the workplace or the Internet, what’s the new scheme for Romeo and Juliet to find each other (and hopefully have a happier ending)?

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring BIG NEWS.

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Now back to your regular programming.

Speed dating. It’s Nascar for the lovelorn. My son, under pressure from a friend who had recently had a nasty breakup, agreed to join him for this race to find a match. The basics of the evening were simple: 15 men, 15 women. One more criteria: everyone had to have a graduate degree. Interestingly, you didn’t have to be employed, just have a master’s degree or better, to sign-up for a love connection. The women were seated at individual tables, and the men moved from station to station, spending six minutes with each woman to discover if they had enough in common to warrant a second encounter. After the evening, you ranked the six individuals you’d like to see again, and if both parties indicated an interest, the organizers then provided the personal contact info.

My son, in one of his first encounters, asked a young woman what she did the previous weekend. “Slept,” she answered. He tried a different tack. “What do you like to do for fun?” Another simple answer: “Sleep.” Okay, he thought, not much to work with here.

I confess that I met my husband in high school, took him to my junior prom (not by covered wagon as my kids assume), and married right out of college. I’d make the same decision today – but if one of my kids wanted to get hitched right out of school, I’d think they were crazy. So much to see and do before settling down. Times have changed, indeed.

But the old story of “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back is timeless.” The only question is whether boy can be dazzled enough in six minutes to warrant a second look.

Stiletto Faithful – what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on (or heard about)?

Marian aka the Northern half of Evelyn David

Murder Off the Books by Evelyn David
Murder Takes the Cake by Evelyn David


  1. My blind date with my husband (I've now been married to him for 59 years)started badly. He was really cute in his bell-bottom sailor uniform--but also plastered. First drunk I'd ever seen.

    A bunch of us rode on the streetcar to Chinatown (L.A.). He had no money to pay for food or drink. Everyone danced but him. People apologized for fixing me up with such a dud.

    He ended up walking me 6 miles home at 2 a.m. and my folks let him spend the night in the den. He came back nearly every weekend after that--and that's the beginning of the story.

  2. Interesting post! I have 3 bad blind dates in a story. Had a blast writing them, but honestly, there were morsels of truth in there. What a hoot. It's gotta be tough trying to connect when you work long hours. I think it's tougher too, the older you get. My hat is off to those who are dating!

  3. Marilyn, what a funny beginning to an incredibly wonderful marriage -- thanks for sharing.

    Marian, I agree. I wouldn't last ten minutes in the dating arena of today! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Marian, my parents met on a blind date that (according to my mother) went horribly. So glad they tried again! My worst date was a blind date my freshman year in college. I knew early on that we had no connection whatsoever. We attended a football game, and, at some point when I couldn't bear it any more, I said, "I need to use the restroom." So I got up to leave, started walking and kept walking all the way back to my dorm!

  5. OMG Susan! You didn't! LOL! Jeez, it must have been a real doozy to have to escape like that. But a girl's gotta do . . . Too funny! Did you ever see that person again?

    Evelyn--I hear you! I can't imagine playing the dating game these days. My cousin tried one of those online dating deals -- um, it's not going so great. She works a lot and takes care of her parents and I just wish I knew a great SINGLE guy. How hard! Plus, don't people just LIE on them?

    What a fun topic!

  6. Susan, Hooray for your folks finding each other on a blind date.

    But OY! about your blind date.

    Marian -- I don't know if folks lie on those dating sites, let's just say that some people get "creative" in their descriptions :-)

  7. Marian, I didn't ever see him again, thank goodness! :-)


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