Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Things I learned This Week, by Misa

I had an array of experiences this this week, had a slew of emotions to go with them, and learned quite a bit.

Here are ten things I learned this week:

  1. Having a deadline is pressure
  2. Missing a deadline is even more pressure
  3. Especially when you can't quite figure out how to wrap up a story
  4. Sitting at a computer for hours on end makes your buttocks/bum/derriere really hurt
  5. Knowing you can't do anything about said aching buttocks because you have to stay at that computer and get the book done makes it hurt even more
  6. Pushing through the pain (pertaining to both deadline pressure and throbbing gluteus maximus) is HARD
  7. But rewarding...after the fact
  8. Your child's broken heart is your broken heart, too
  9. A broken heart (& the plethora of emotions that come with it) is not a good thing to have when you're trying to write
  10. But at least you can be surprised by who the killer turns out to be in your own book, incidentally NOT who was planned
I managed to get through the writing of the manuscript, figured out the ending, and am really happy with it, new killer and all.

Regarding #s 8 & 9, I remember having a broken heart. I remember it vividly, in fact. I know nothing I say will take the pain away. But, holy mackerel, I never expected my boy's emotional reaction to be what it was, and my tired, stretched-thin state-of-mind didn't help me help him very much, I'm afraid.

So I have only one question. How do you help your child get over a broken heart, which includes not only the loss of love, but the loss of a best friend?

~ Misa


  1. Oh God. I have no idea. I'm not there yet. My oldest is 11, and it's coming, I'm sure. But I feel for you. (Congrats on figuring out the killer, though!) xoxo

  2. Actually, there's not a whole lot you can do except listen. You certainly can't change what's happened. Once I was on the other end. My 18 year-old daughter was engaged and even had a ring. The young man was a steady visitor whether she was home or not. When she realized he wsn't the person she wanted to spend the rest of her live with, he continued to come over and cried on our shoulder about how broken-hearted he was. It was sad, but nothing we could do about it. He'd enlisted, and finally was sent elsewhere. She found the right one a year later.


  3. All you can do is listen to him and give him a hug if he lets you.

  4. Lots of hugs, Dru. Lots of listening. So hard to watch in your own child.

  5. OOh- how exciting that the killer turned out to be unexpected even for you!

    The heartache of our kids is so hard to bear, but knowing they have you on their side helps more than anything except time. I'm sending a hug from me to you.


  6. Hang in there, Misa! Broken hearts are no fun to deal with, no matter your age. Your son is lucky to have a mom who's so understanding. I'm sure your being there for him means a lot.

  7. What is it they say? Time heals all wounds? It usually does. Although, depending on the age of your son, you could speed it along with the gift of (1) a new puppy
    (2) a new iPod or iPhone or (3) a new car.

    Or you can just go with the "time" cure. :)

    Seriously, he'll get past it. Unfortunely it's just another one of life's many "not so pleasant" lessons.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  8. I love you guys! Jennie, SO good to see you here!

    All good advice from everyone. Things didn't look so bleak today, so that's good.


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