Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Scorpion in my Bed

Sounds like a book title, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's the truth.

When I went down to my bedroom last night and turned back the covers, there was a scorpion on my side of the bed. No, I didn't scream. I thought it was dead--if I knew it was alive, I'd have killed it right then and there.

I decided to tell my husband and ask him if he'd put it in my bed. (I knew he hadn't but was trying to be funny.) By the time I got him and came back to the bedroom, no scorpion. The daggone thing was alive!

We tore the bed apart, shook everything out, no scorpion. My first thought was to sleep somewhere else, but decided my bed was far too comfortable, if the scorpion was still there, he'd just have to scoot over.

Slept the night through with nary a problem.

Before you all freak out let me tell you I live in the foothills of the Sierra in a very old house. I've had encounters with scorpions before and usually dispatch them with ease--but I thought this one was dead or I would have taken care of it.

We have lots of spiders too, some really big and ugly ones, but they don't bother me either.

Lizards love to sneak inside when it gets really hot. Haven't seen any this year yet. They are hard to catch and herd back outside--usually leave it up to the younger generation.

Never had a snake inside, though there are plenty around outside during the summer, including rattlesnakes. I'm not afraid of them either, but do have a healthy respect for them. I leave it up to others to take care of those critters.

We had a rat infestation when our bathroom and bedroom were being remodeled because the workers left all the doors open. We had to keep the cats shut off in the other part of the house, not wanting them to leave, so they were no help. Hubby and a grandson managed to dispose of the unwanted creatures except for one that managed to make it into cat territory and that was the end of him.

Oh yes, and there are skunks. I've never had an encounter, but my poor daughter-in-law did one night when she was leaving our house.

Living in the foothills has its downside, but there is plenty to make up for it. The scenery is gorgeous especially this time of year when everything is still green and the snow is plentiful on the mountains. We live on a hill above the Tule River and when I was younger I joined the kids in the swimming hole, now I just watch and listen to the water rushing over the rocks on its way down to the lake. At night, the stars are gorgeous.

This is the most popular time of year around here too, last week was the Jackass Mail Run, this weekend is Rodeo time. We're a stone's throw from the rodeo grounds so can hear everything that's going on. I've been many times, but I'm skipping it this year. From the front yard, I can watch the parachutists jumping out of airplanes to land in the arena of the rodeo grounds--that's enough.

During the month of August, there'll be a barbecue and dance every Saturday night at the rodeo grounds to raise money for next year's rodeo.

All summer long, there'll be free concerts in the park too.

I think I can manage to share my space with all the critters who were here before me.



  1. I think I'd die if I found a scorpion in my bed! We moved to Texas from your neck of the woods and haven't seen a scorpion yet, though they're prevalent around here.

    HUGE snake in our garage, though. And plenty of other critters. We don't have the scenic backdrop that you do which makes it all worth while!

    You never found the scorpion?

  2. You're a brave woman. I wouldn't have been able to sleep until I'd found that scorpion.

    Of course what you saw could have been the "ghost" of a scorpion. In which case you're safe, if not your batteries. Or you might have been having a premonition, meaning you'll need to check every night until one shows up.

    Geez. You really need to find the body.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  3. Not only are you brave, you're generous. Sharing your space with critters? You know how I feel about that...after our recent rat infestation, I nearly sold the house. And don't even get me started on the time I found a worm in the kitchen...the neighbors thought I was being murdered I screamed so loud. I give you credit, Marilyn! Maggie

  4. Still haven't found the ugly critter. Tore the bed apart today and will wash the bedding. I suspect my scorpion is well on his way to terrorize someone else.

    The rats were the worst for me too.


  5. Ack, a scorpion! And big ugly spiders! I think I'll stay in St. Louis, where my scariest encounter was with a garter snake! You are brave, Marilyn.

  6. You'll all be happy to hear the scorpion was found and dispatched to scorpion heaven. I washed the sheets and when I was putting the bed back together, there was my bedmate hanging on to the blanket. I took out a Kleenex, all ready to do the heavy duty when hubby walked by. He took over. Goodbye scorpion. Despite all my bravado, glad I didn't know it was still hanging around in my bed.


  7. Thank goodness you found it! I think I'll go wash my sheets just for the heck of it.