Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick or Treat

Chanukah brought presents – eight nights of presents (although I always argued that socks did not a present make). But Halloween brought candy, oodles and oodles of candy. It was the one night of the year that all nutritional discussion was suspended. There was no need to make the inevitable dinner bargain of “eat your vegetables” and you can have dessert (inevitably jello with fruit cocktail). A chocoholic from birth (I literally took my first steps when a cousin offered me some chocolate cake) – Halloween was, without question, my favorite holiday.

When I had my own kids, Halloween meant months-long discussions of costumes. Still wearing bathing suits, my kids always had grand plans for creative get-ups that required the costume department of Paramount Pictures to execute. I remember one year, son number one wanted to be a knight. He had visions of a full-suit of body armor, but settled for being wrapped head-to-toe in aluminum foil. I loved the year when one of the kids decided to be an undercover FBI agent – which meant wearing his father’s trench coat, an old felt fedora, and hand-printing an ID badge that he flashed at the neighbor before announcing “trick or treat.”

I adored it when my kids brought their friends back here for the “sorting the candy” ritual. I hovered at the edges of the great swap meet, happily taking the rejects, occasionally making a plea for an Almond Joy or two.

Now my job is just to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids who visit. Like the postman, neither rain, nor sleet will stay the rounds of children on Halloween. I’m already fretting if I have enough goodies – and pennies for Unicef.

And of course, this Halloween will be extra special with the kickoff of the Stiletto Gang’s First Annual Hallopalooza. The first clue will be found right here, and you'll have a fun trip through a maze of mystery blogs, each one providing a clue to an amazing mini-murder mystery. You’ll have the opportunity to win lots of prizes – so don’t miss Hallopalooza, Friday October 30 through Sunday, November 1.


Evelyn David

Murder Takes the Cake by Evelyn David
Murder Off the Books by Evelyn David


  1. Trick or treat was always my favorite time of year too as you'll see tomorrow on my blog.

    Hope everyone will take advantage of our great scavenger hunt!


  2. I just visited Tim Halinan at the Blog Cabin and found out about Hallopalooza.
    It looks like Fun! I'll leave a window open so the hunters can crawl through my blog and out the other side.
    [but please ask them to wipe their feet first]
    Karen :0)

  3. Hey, y'all --

    Getting some reaction over at my site and have just put up three links to this one to make it easier for people to answer their questions.

    By the way, the prize I'm giving away -- do I determine how that's won, or do you? I only ask because haven't given it a split-second's worth of thought until just now.

    Tim Hallinan

  4. Be careful what you write in your blog...I will now be sending you the almond joy mini-bars that the trick-or-treaters don't claim. ;-)

    Happy Halloween!