Friday, November 14, 2008

Introduction to the WOOF Pack

From Oprah to Ellen to our water aerobics instructor, it's All about the joys of aging! How 50 is the new 30!


Some of us are hounded by middle-age. We're dog-tired, Wrinkled as a Sharpei and barking like a bitch. Enter: WOOF: For the over-50 woman itching to howl at The aging process.

From issues of graying hair, expanding waistlines and Wrinkling tattoos, to embracing triumph over personal Tragedy, WOOF raises four paws to our past Accomplishments, present realizations and future dreams.

Are you up to it...dogtrotting alongside this sisterhood Taking the second half of life by the tail? We know you Are. After all, the past 50 years you've gained freedom! You've gained power! You've gained wisdom!

(Don't tell us you think weight is the only thing you've Gained. Oh, you so need WOOF...)

"A howl a day keeps the scowl away!"

d.d. dawg, Milkbone, Mad Dog
(Diana Black, Mary Cunningham, Melinda Richarz Bailey)

[Note from the Stiletto Gang - Join us all weekend for new posts from the WOOF Pack!]


  1. How could any female over the age of 50 pass that up? And no, weight wasn't the only thing I thought I gained, the facial hair was a pretty big issue with me. It's where all of my gray is coming in. LOL

  2. I hear ya, mare. The hair on our head thins but we gain ear hair, facial hair, nose hair...

  3. Oh, my you are all babies! I loved being 50, actually felt better then than I did in my 30s when I was still raising my kinds.

    60s weren't bad either.

    Just wait until you're half way through your 70s! Actually, I'm pretty darn happy to still be here and able to do most of the things I love.


  4. I love your post, Marilyn! You're right. We all need to be happy to just "be." I'm thankful, every day, that I'm doing something that I love.


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