Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Interview with Debra Sennefelder

 by Bethany Maines

Bethany Maines

Debra Sennefelder
Part of being a collective blog group is that we have many fantastic members that I've never met in person and aside from the sparkling repartee on group email threads (trust me we're brilliant), we often don't get a chance to interact with each other.  So this month, I'm taking the opportunity to get to know one of my Stiletto Gang members - Debra Sennefelder. Debra has nicely agreed to sit down and answer a few questions to let us into her writing bubble. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

Q: What do you write?

I write cozy mysteries. I have two series, The Food Blogger Mystery series and the Resale Boutique Mystery series both published by Kensington Publishers.

Q: Plotter or Pantser?

I’m a plotter. I like to have a detailed outline completed when I sit down to write the first draft. My working outline (it’s not as pretty as the one I send to my editor) can include snippets of dialogue, a little description, links for research. While it may be long (sometimes thirty plus pages), it’s not carved in stone, so changes can happen while I’m writing the manuscript. Sometimes I find that a scene falls flat and doesn’t move the story forward, sometimes inspiration sparks and I add or rework scenes, sometimes I add a new character.

Q: What is your go-to relaxation read?

My go-to relaxation read is a fashion magazine. Always has been.

Q: Favorite authors or your most favorite recent read?

I have way too many favorite authors to list. So, let me tell you what I just finished reading. It was Three Single Wives by Gina LaManna.

Q: And of course, I would be remiss if I didn't ask... what are your favorite shoes?

I bought a pair of Sam Edelman black leather pumps a couple of years ago and I love them. They’re a classic that pairs perfectly with jeans or a dress.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the interview. It is a nice way to get to know others in our group! Thanks.

    1. It was so much fun being interviewed by Bethany. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

  2. This is terrific. Thank you Bethany for letting us know more about Debra. As a shoe-aholic, I would love to see those shoes!

    1. I'm going to do what Debra G. suggested. I'll share a pic of the shoes next month in my post. :)

    2. Awesome, will tie right in with the name of our blog :) Wishing you a fantastic sale-through!

  3. Fun snapshot! I, too, want to see the shoes!

  4. Love to see the shoes.... maybe in one of your next posts, Debra?

  5. Nice to read more about you, Debra. Thanks, Bethany.

  6. Nice interview, Debra. I'm a my guilty pleasure is buying, and wearing, shoes!


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