Monday, June 28, 2021

Rambles from a reader by Dru Ann Love

I have nothing.

I was going to give you stats from my blog, but decided it wasn’t important for this blog. Check out my blog at Would you like seeing those stats?

I was going to talk about return to the office – first week in July. Have you returned back to the office?

I was going to talk about my adventure last week – first time back in the city and met a few friends for lunch. Lots of chatting and hugs galore was given. It felt good to eat in a restaurant and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Have you been in and about lately?

I was going to talk about the struggle with my reading. It still takes me a week and a half to read one book. One. Book. – How is your reading?

I was going to talk about movies – Have you seen “In The Heights?”

I was going to talk about streaming channels – my favorites are Netflix and Amazon Prime. What’s your favorite?

I was going to talk about TV watching – there is nothing on TV these days. My TV viewership is down, down, down. What about you? Are you watching less TV?

I was going to talk about traveling – I’m getting on a plane to visit my mom. What about you, any travel plans?

I was going to talk about virtual conferences – I’m looking forward to attending More Than Malice. Are you going? You can register here.

I was going to talk about reader convention – Bouchercon is in August and I’m going. It’s my celebration for the year I had and also I get to see my friends. Are you going? You can register here.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.


  1. Dru, I’m so glad you are planning travel this year and can enjoy being with friends and family. I watch a lot on Amazon Prime, but I’ve also become devoted to Apple TV originals. Apple has a lot of new programming this summer. You may want to check it out.

  2. Hi Dru, Ramblings are such a good way to get things out of our heads and leave more room for lovely thoughts. I'll see you at Bouchercon -- in the lobby -- for a giant hug!

  3. I retired so I'll never have to go back to the office :-). The return date changed several times and it's possible a lot of Canadian government employees will continue to work from home forever (or split time between their offices and home).

    Most "non-essential" stores in Ontario are still closed. We go into a new phase next week so, if I can get an appointment, I can get my hair cut. But movie theatres won't open before late July.

    You'd think with no commute to work (though I did read on my commute) that I'd read more. But nope. Seemed it was taking me longer to read a 200 page book than a 400 page one. Since I retired 2 months ago, I have been doing a lot more reading.

    In the Heights isn't on any Canadian streaming service and as I already posted theatres are closed. I have seen it but I won't tell you how. I'm hoping it will play in theatres when they reopen so I can see it in IMAX. Loved it!

    My favourite streaming channel is the one I'm watching at the time. I have another few days left on my quarterly free trial of Crave (Canadian streaming service) and caught up on some current and older series and documentaries. Because I get it through the cable company, I get several channels so I've been recording movies to watch when I don't have it.

    CW has been stretching their shows over the year so between those and new seasons of Canadian shows, there are still several that I watch. And if the Olympics happen next month, I'll be pretty glued to the tv.

    Cancelled my trip to New Orleans for Bouchercon. Hope to start traveling again next year (in the meantime I'm doing a lot of virtual traveling which has added a lot more places that I want to visit).

    Registered for More than Malice.

  4. For not having anything to talk about you certainly covered a gamut. So interesting, Dru. I've been in an out lately, My office is in my home. My favorite streaming is Amazon prime and Acorn. I'm watching a very good series called Mystery Road, based in Australia. My reading is equivalent to yours. Have fun at Boucheron!

  5. You covered a lot of ground here! Today will be my first day back in the city and on the subway, and it's already feeling a bit...weird. Hope to "see" you at Malice and actually meet you in person at Bouchercon!

  6. I work remote full time, so I don’t have to go back to the office. I have not seen “In the Heights,” but I’m not a big movie-theater person. My reading comes and goes. I love Netflix and Amazon Prime, and yes, there is nothing on TV. I can’t wait to “see” you at More than Malice!

  7. Watched In the Heights last night on HBO Max. Loved the exuberant and heartfelt portrait of the community. Just cancelled my Bouchercon reservation(regretfully). I really enjoyed attending it in Dallas, and hope to be at the next one, but I've got to finish book 3 this year and don't want to break focus. Hope to "see" everyone at Malice. Thanks for drawing us out on what's happening!. It's fun to read everyone's replies.


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