Friday, September 11, 2020

My World is Upside Down

My World is Upside Down by Debra H. Goldstein

I should be promoting my new book, Three Treats Too Many, the third book in the Sarah Blair mystery series that was released last week, but I’ve been busy. We moved.

Moving is not for sissies. Moving is not for anyone. It’s exhausting – especially if you sell the house you lived in for fifteen years in seven hours and need to move into temporary housing ten days later. This translates into moving everything you own into 3 storage bins. Six weeks later, everything came out of storage and was brought to the house.

The kitchen alone had just under 40 boxes to unpack, but we got them done.  Other than needing to go through some more books and get a stand for my printer and a record player, the boxes downstairs are gone.

Anyway, I’m going to cut myself some slack this week and ask you to consider doing three things:

1) Join me and other members of Booklovers Bench  (Maggie Toussaint, Nancy J. Cohen, Cheryl Hollon, and Anna Gerald/Diane A.S. Stuckart) for our Fall Cozy Mystery Party on September 14 

2)    Think about purchasing or having your library purchase Three Treats Too Many – or read it and pass it on to a friend. Remember, it is a standalone, but for one day, today, September 11, you can get a kindle or e-book copy of One Taste Too Many for only $1.99 -

3)    Grab a book, mine preferred, curl up somewhere and enjoy a few hours of respite.

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  1. Moving is not for anyone! That’s such a perfect picture, Debra. I hope you’re settled soon and get a little “me” time!