Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Clicking Our Heels - Dreams or Wishes for Others

Clicking Our Heels – Stiletto Gang Members Dreams or Wishes for Others
At the end of the year, people begin to think about New Year’s resolutions, but the Stiletto Gang decided to think of a dream or wish each one would have for someone in the future --- and the Gang is letting you in on those dreams or wishes.

Julie Mulhern - I have two daughters and I wish happy, healthy lives for both of them.

J.M. Phillippe - I feel like my day job as a therapist has me dreaming and wishing for people's futures all the time. I just want people to be able to feel joy in their lives--whatever shape joy takes.

Linda Rodriguez - My dream or wish for the future is for all of us. I would wish that we would become a society that values people and uses things rather than the society we have become that values things and uses people and a country where the law binds all people of all classes and also protects all people of all classes. I do believe if this dream came true we would have a wonderful country to live in.
Bethany Maines - Tricky question! Is my interpretation of what's good for someone else's future correct? I wish my daughter would win the lottery for over ten million dollars.  Then I'll move in with her when I'm old and do nothing but float in the pool and drink mai tai's and host book clubs. Too self-serving?  OK, if I'm being altruistic and wishing for someone else to truly get their dream I would wish that the Greta Thunberg is entirely successful in her pursuit of environmental change.

Kay Kendall - I fervently wish for Earth's population that the ecological damage humans have wrecked on the planet would be reversed.

Shari Randall - This is kind of out of left field, but I wish and hope, in the future, that libraries will be funded and recognized for the important work they do in building a literate world.

Dru Ann Love – I wish my mom didn’t have cancer.

Mary Lee Ashford - Oh, wow. So many wishes for so many people. I have six grandchildren and so they immediately come to mind. For them, and really for all my friends and family, I would wish health and happiness. In addition, I'll share my own life goals because these are things I'd wish for them:  #LiveBrave #LoveHard #LiftOthers

Debra H. Goldstein – “World Peace” with acknowledgements to the movies.

Cathy Perkins - Wow, where to start? So many personal wishes are crowding into my mind with friends facing tough financial or medical challenges, along with the selfish, I want my kids and their spouses to be happy. Like Debra, I'm tempted to go with the global "world peace." (Lord knows we need it!) Anybody who has peeked at my Facebook posts knows I care passionately about the environment, so my wish is people wake up to the damage we're doing to the planet.

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