Thursday, March 22, 2018

Research and Writing Mysteries by Juliana Aragón Fatula

Bowerhouse Press

Research makes me crazy. I love researching new subjects, but sometimes get carried away and have to discipline myself to only do research for an hour and then take notes and then get back to writing. Research helps me expand my knowledge in many subjects. 

I've written about Atlanta, Georgia and had to become familiar with not only the history, the city, but also how they speak. I studied the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the plantations architecture, the speed limits in the city, the names of bridges, rivers, creeks, landmarks, and the weather. I researched serial killers in Atlanta, homicides, death penalties, and how many people have been executed. I found this fascinating. 

My research also led me to Utah and the Northern Ute. I learned about their first meeting with the Mormons. The ceremonies, language, history, and massacres. I learned about Salt Lake City
and Antelope Island. I learned about the Southern Ute in Colorado and the legends. 

I also researched how to write a murder mystery and did my homework. I studied the women writers of the Stiletto Gang Blog and learned how they work their stories. This blog has helped me so much is so many ways. It's like taking a master writing class online from the comfort of my home. I especially learned from Linda Rodriguez and her book, Plotting the Character Driven Novel. Thank you, Linda. Your book has taught me many tools that I use every day. I recommend this book to aspiring writers. 

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My ancestor, Phoebe Gomez Mondragon in 70's

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