Monday, August 22, 2016

Celebrating Kay Kendall at Killer Nashville

Our very own Kay Kendall's work was honored this weekend at Killer Nashville. Her Rainy Day Women won two Silver Falchion awards: (1) best mystery/crime novel, presented by Anne Perry, and (2) best book by an attending author, presented by the conference's founder and organizer, Clay Stafford. Congratulations, Kay, for two well-deserved recognitions to a beautiful person and exquisite author. Let's continue the party with some more cyber-champagne!


  1. Thank you, Art. I'm still flying today. And darling Paula Benson, thank you so much for telling all the Stiletto Gang at one big bang, so to speak. What a fabulous group! Big hugs, all around, and let's have some cyber champagne. Great idea Paula had...may have the real thing tonight, methinks!